13 Hypocritical Phrases That You Will Hear Your Wedding Day

A wedding is a day of love, joy, sharing… and phonies. We won’t hide it, there’s always one or two guests that try to make a negative remark to bring you down. Learn what to expect with the 13 insincere comments you may hear during your big day!I love your dress

1. “I love your dress”

Photo: Drshan Sethi Photography.
Photo: Drshan Sethi Photography.

When someone calls your dress “pretty,” you have to wonder why they didn’t call it “magnificent.” What were they really trying to say? Your guests will tell you that you made the right choice even if they don’t necessarily agree. But hey, everyone has different tastes.

2. “You make a nice couple”

You might be busy enjoying your marriage but remember, you have gossipers lurking. So when the same aunt and uncle who said you’re “mismatched” say that you make “a cute couple,” it’s best to use the same hypocrisy and respond: “thanks you too.”

3. “Your wedding is great”

Photo: Drshan Sethi Photography.
Photo: Drshan Sethi Photography.

You might be busy enjoying your marriage but you also have ears lurking. So when you hear that you are “mismatched” or that your relationship is not “harmonious” and then hear that you form “a cute couple”, it is best to use the same hypocrisy and respond : ” thank you too “. With any luck, the person in front of you is single, and bim!

4. “We wish you happiness”

Your family and friends will tell you this, no doubt. Then others might say it without really caring about your happiness. Don’t mind them. They’re just being polite

5. “You look SO in love”

Isn’t that kind of the point of getting married? In any case, there will always be those who think your happiness is an act. Ignore them.

Photo: Drshan Sethi Photography.
Photo: Drshan Sethi Photography.

6. “Your wedding cake is very original”

Interpret this how you want. Like we said, it’s your wedding. Get whatever cake you want, as long as you like it.

7. “The decor is nice”

Usually, it’s the same guest who made the sly remark about your cake. Again, your decorations have been carefully planned and put together to your liking. If someone feels the need to criticize, they’re probably just jealous.

8. “It was SO nice of you to invite your great-grandmother”

Family comes first. Of course, you’re going to invite your aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. If any of your guests disagree with this, show them the door.

9. “You don’t look THAT tired”

Of course, you’re very tired. This month has been nothing but stress, preparation and emotions.

Photo: Drshan Sethi Photography.
Photo: Drshan Sethi Photography.

10. “Interesting color choice for the bridesmaids dresses”

It’s your wedding. You get to choose the color. If someone tells you that the color is painful to look at, show them the bathroom so they can rinse their eyes out.

11. “Your friends are wild …”

The best girlfriends of the bride aren’t always going to be the most reserved on the wedding day, but who cares? Everyone is there to celebrate you. Can we blame them for their excitement?

12. “What a cute little slideshow”

So you made a slideshow. Good for you! Everyone should feel lucky to get to see such sweet moments between you and your partner. Ignore anyone who finds the need to make a negative comment.

Photo: Drshan Sethi Photography.
Photo: Drshan Sethi Photography.

13. “It’s amazing that you’ve been together for so long”

We get the message. So you waited a long time to get married. So what? Some will imply that your marriage will eventually wear out and in the end, you and your husband will separate. Teach them that enjoying the present is more important than worrying about the future!

You might hear a lot of insincere comments on the day of your wedding but at least now you what to expect.

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