How to Choose Colors for the Wedding Dresses

Colors reflect the life. The more colors one has in their life, the more happiness n joy exists in it. Colors take place in everyone’s life the day we born to the day we get older. From childhood to the age we enter our adult age, to the elder ages and so on. We cannot remove the colors from our life no matter what the situation we face. If you want to live your life to the fullest then, one thing which you need to add is colors.

It could be colors of life, colors of love, colors of friendship. Anything which gives us happiness is a form of colors. When we are talking about your wedding and the dresses which you will wear, it should reflect the happiness of yours.

Photo: Our Wedding Chapter Photography
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter Photography

Here we present you some great ideas to choose perfect color of your wedding dresses as per the occasion.

1. Red

A color which represents the symbol of love, passion, romanticism, sensuality, desire, life, charm, intensity and  aggression. It shows determination, that when it is for love no matter what anyone will think, love wins always. The bride should wear red dress on her dream day as nothing would match with her except red. A bride wearing red bridal dress with the golden work and with the bridal jewellery, she will stole the heart of the groom and the guests too.

Red defines the love and passion which is really essential for a married life. The only thing which separates bride from the rest is the aura and the glow with red. It won’t need much blusher as our beautiful bride has already in ample amount in her beauty.

Photo: Tarun Jha Photography
Photo: Tarun Jha Photography

2. Green

A color which represents the symbol of adventure, aspiration, faith, freedom, prosperity, hope, health, friendship and youth. It shows the true form of friendship in relationship which has an in-built faith. faith is very important for every relation because it will come only by the harmony of the couple. Green will shows the prosperity of the bride, she can wear green dress with the mix of magenta and yellow in her mehandi with the floral jewellery.

Wait Wait! don’t forget to take pictures in your greeny green look which shows your amazing choice. Top 12 best wedding photographers in Delhi.

Photo: Tarun Jha Photography
Photo: Tarun Jha Photography

3. Orange

Orange defines the fun, joy, humor, fitness, coziness, celebration, motivation, fascination and excitement. It shows the not so serious character of a person. Bride’s who wear an orange dress in her bridal shower shows her freedom and life and happiness among the rest of the crowd. Bride can wear orange dress for her haldi ceremony.

orange is a symbol of happiness and humor. Bride’s who has a touch of sunshine and humor are the happiest bride’s which one groom get as his better half.

Photo: Tarun Jha Photography
Photo: Tarun Jha Photography

4. Yellow

A color which reflects the sunshine, wisdom, laughter, energy, optimism. If a bride has all these character’s then dude you must go mad for her. Yellow is basically for the haldi ceremony but it doesn’t stopped itself at here. you can mix it up  with your mehandi dress too, as green and yellow looks so good.

It also defines the purity of one’s soul, bride has something precious with her. color choices is having a different version of happiness and joy.

Photo: Our Wedding Chapter Photography
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter Photography

5. Blue

Blue is a color of water, compassion, serenity, trust, confidence and royalness. It is so beautiful to have a bride wearing blue for her sangeet function. it would go well with the mixture of gold and silver work. it showcases the real and royal celebration of a marriage. I can understand the reaction of any bride’s towards blue. It is finely go well and instead of annoying she will appreciate each and every person’s effort.

Photo: Our Wedding Chapter Photography
Photo: Our Wedding Chapter Photography

6. Pink

A color which represents the unconditional love and nurturing. It also can also represent the silly, free, immature, Girlishness. A bride who wear Pink gives the reflection of a sweet lover who is like a beautiful butterfly, who spreads the sunshine through her wings and make everyone to fall in love with her.

Photo: Photography by Simplypush
Photo: Photography by Simplypush

6. White

White is color which reflects most complete and pure, the color of perfection. The color meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. Bride can wear a white gown with a crown on her head for her reception party. She will stole the heart with the aura of  purity and innocence.

Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography.

7. Black

The color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, creating an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world. It also shows the sexy, Bold, strong and seductive. Girls go for black for your Bachelorate party. Black also has an effect of -1 as girls who wear black looks one size less. How to look slim on your wedding day

Through these ideas you are able to select the colors as per the occassion of your wedding. All that is important is you, sunshine spreads through the inner beauty of a bride, which can also be shown by the colors of her dress.

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