How to wear your wedding dress on your wedding night

The most beautiful attire a women can ever imagine is her own bridal dress or wedding dress. She must have planned so many things from the type of flowers in her wedding decoration to her honeymoon destination. Wedding is the most beautiful part of anyone’s life but what does it needs to have a perfect wedding!!!yes, of course money but more than that is a few little things to remember to give a astonishing look and entry at your wedding. Don’t panic fight those stress nerves with our expert’s advice Dr. Manjula Bhati. You must be thinking of wedding dress yes you’re right. Also see A Fairytale by Palak Lalwani and get the best collection for your dream day through our expert.

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Truth be told, crafting a bespoke, stylish wedding is not an easy task. But after good decision making during your wedding planning process, the day of your wedding should be calm and serene.

Below are some essentials which you need to take care of.

1. Be Prepared

You should be calm on your wedding day, make sure your dress, shoes, headpiece or dupatta/chunari and everything you need to get ready is at the getting-ready location a couple of days before the wedding. It can also be very useful to have a bridal kit on hand with all you could use in case of an emergency. Its your wedding and you want everything to be perfect, so make sure your preparation should be done before a couple of weeks before.

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2. Buy a Bridal Robe

Wearing a bridal robe while getting ready will make you feel comfortable and look fabulous in your wedding photos. Get some robes for your bridesmaids as well, to snap some memorable and fun pics.

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3. The Perfect Hair

By now, you probably already discussed your wedding hair look with your hairstylist. Hey, you may even have had a hair-rehearsal date. So the morning of the big day sit in front of a mirror and make sure your hairstylist does your hair the way you had envisioned. Feel free to make any comments if there is anything you don’t like. And to complement your beautiful hairdo,and before a couple of days get all the hair treatment for nourishment of your hairs. A bride’s hair should be tied with hair pins otherwise it could create blunders and bride won’t feel comfortable.

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4. Have something in your belly!

It is important to eat before your “I do’s”. Even if you are nervous, having something in your belly will help you avoiding feeling sick. Eat something light and healthy. A salad, a sandwich, or even yogurt and fruit will be enough to give you the energy to carry on with the most important day of your life. Because you should feel light and it could be only possible if your stomach needn’t be crave for something.

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5. Does your dress have buttons?

If your wedding dress has buttons  – a needle will be very helpful to have on hand. It will assist your mom and bridesmaids while helping you get dressed to get all the buttons on your gorgeous blouse of your lehenga without having any difficulties. Make sure your draping style won’t be so tricky and should be comfortable. Discover How to buy the wedding dress: Keep 9 things in mind!.

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6. Breaking in Your Wedding Shoes

After buying a pair of comfortable, yet fabulous shoes, trying them on days before your wedding is a must. Start with baby steps. Wear your new shoes around the house, and on short outings several times before taking them down the aisle. To help you debut your shoes with minimal pain and zero limp-inducing blisters, have some skin-tone band-aids in different sizes and shapes on hand. And if you don’t have your wedding shoes yet, don’t fail to visit and check out their beautiful selection of shoes for the big day. Also see How to choose your wedding shoes amongst the best.

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7. The Final Touches!

When you are all done with drape of your, dressed in your dream bridal lehenga or gown and ready to walk down the aisle, ask your Maid of Honor to check everything and make sure you look picture perfect.

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8. Enter and Exit the Nuptial Car or Doli

To gracefully enter and exit the car or Doli, the simplest things to do so you don’t mess up the dress is to enter through the left door and exit from the right. Don’t complicate the exit with a bouquet or other accessories, hand all that to the driver or your bridal party. Let your wedding team collect the train, check makeup one more time, hand you back the bouquet, snap the “exit” photo and applaud the most graceful of exits. Also discover How to Make a Fabulous Entry on Your Wedding.

9. Perfect way to carry the bouquet

The biggest mistake brides make when carrying their bouquet is either holding it at the wrong angle in front of them or carrying it backwards altogether. Most bouquet’s flowers are arranged with a front angle in mind, and the same idea applies to the stem wrap and accents on the bouquet handle. Carry your bouquet by your hip height, with the flowers and other elements always looking forward.

10. Be Yourself!

There is nothing more radiant than a woman’s natural beauty, this is why the team always suggest their brides to be themselves and just enjoy their comfortable and flaunt in your own way

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Getting Married! a beautiful moment yes, but at times it might makes us worried and stressed. Wait Wait! for a while just remember it’s your day, so have faith don’t be stressed, everything will gonna be perfect and at the end of the day you and your partner will be together forever just smile and give your best shot whether it’s about your looks or dress or anything.

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