5 Reasons to hire a co-ordinator for your Wedding

As your wedding day approaches, you tend to run around to complete all of your pending work. You have a big bundle of responsibilities piled up on your back and no matter how many of your family members are always there to help you out with that, some of your work is just not meant to be split. Apart from achieving the task to a level of completion, you would also want to make sure that your wedding is held in the most amazing manner and it’s the talk to the town for all the right reasons. We have our expert Maadhyam Events who want to share thier views on the significance of getting a wedding planner.

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With that, we think we have provided you with enough idea why you need a wedding planner in your wedding but the list doesn’t end here and so doesn’t the list of Wedding planners in IndiaRead more to know why you definitely need to get a wedding planner hired for yourself down below:


One of the most important part of any planning is its budget. It decides everything and once you have a good planner in your hands, you need not worry about it. They will provide you with the best of class services with whatever amount of budget you have. A planner has a firsthand experience in this stuff and is well acquainted on how you can stick to your budget while getting all the facilities you have dreamt of for your wedding day. Also, since they know this field pretty well and have a good time planning events, they have good contacts too. They will let you reach out to all the décors, vendors, caterers, bands, dancers, Mehendi artist and everyone else who is needed. So you don’t need to panic about any kind of arrangements as everything would be taken care of on their part already.

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Time saver

A couple spends more time on wedding planning and lesser on other important things they have to do. Getting a planner will ensure you that you have a good time with your partner and you both can focus on other things as well. All you would have to do is select the best of all the researches your coordinator has done on his part according to your taste. And the best part is that, this way your partner and you both can tell him about your choices and he will do the work of implementing it effectively.

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A wedding means running here and there to look after everything and keeping an eye on the things that are going on. Your planner will take this headache of going around places and looking after everything. They will go to set up everything; they are going to make everything happen.  They are highly knowledgeable and know how to organize all the events and are precisely aware about things like, venue, timings, event’s itinerary, food, guests, lights, stay, DJ and etc. Don’t skip on How to organize your wedding without discussing with your partner

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Your wedding requires many different types of vendors and your wedding coordinator will provide insight and help you choose the right vendors in regards to pricing, value, style, and your wants and needs. Wedding professionals know exactly what to look for in a vendor. For example, what questions to ask, average pricing for services, etc. Also, they usually have their own list of vendors which they mostly prefer but they are always flexible and work according to your choices.

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Peace of mind

Amidst all of your planning, you might forget that it’s your own wedding and you are the one who should relax the most. They are there to make sure that you get good peace of mind and take no stress about anything. And why would you ever take any of it, after all they are going to make everything go perfect. It will also make a point that you get enough time to greet all your guests and other people instead of running errands and watching over everything. They act as mediators, the catalysts to a great wedding and with their support, you will get to have a good night’s sleep without any kind of tension in your head.

Photo: Darshan Sethi Photography

And finally at the end of the day, your coordinator will take charge of every detail. If anything goes wrong, your planner will be there to fix it behind the scenes even without you knowing it. They are there to avoid any foreseen circumstance to your wedding and take it away effectively. Read How to celebrate a themed wedding

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