After the wedding

Begin your new lives as a married couple, and listen to our advice on this vital phase of your relationship.

How to manage the marital conflicts

Every couple undergoes some stress in thier relationship at some point of time. They just have to know the correct manner to cope with it.

How to be the best husband for your wife

It feels really special when you are perfect and the best for the person you love in anyways. So do keep these points in mind and be a good husband to your wife.

How to take off the post-wedding tiredness

Weddings in India are not as easy as it may seem. It is very important to take off the tiredness that you are experiencing to get back to the ordinary life after wedding.

How to be a happy couple

Find out about how you can be a happy couple, so that you go a long way in the future, and live happily ever after in your relationship!

How to be an understanding Husband

Know how you can be an understanding Husband, and keep making your Wife fall in love with you over and over again by the small things that you would do to keep her happy!


Wedding events

Zankyou’s Tenth Anniversary: A Decade Together

At Zankyou, we are celebrating our tenth anniversary! We are showing an overview of our history, and giving thanks to all of those who have helped us to grow during the last decade - from couples all over the world, to the companies who have made their weddings extraordinary.

My Bestfriend and Me Collaborate with Zankyou For Their Delhi Show

My Best Friend & Me is one of the most sought-after retail exhibitions in New Delhi, hosting two main events in March and August every year. With the event around the corner on the 30th of March, we thought we’d give you the low down on the husband and wife who organise the show and the trendy designers you can fill your closet with. 30th March 2018, The Lalit New Delhi. 11 AM to 8 PM.

Life as a couple

Best Proposal Ideas For Valentines Day

Valentines day is here and we´re all excited to see the #engaged hashtag flood our Instagram and Facebook feeds. If you're one of those thinking about proposing, here are some ideas and inspiration for you to make sure you get it right.

5 things to avoid to make your marriage to last!

Do not be afraid that because your spouse multiplies the parties between friends you will run the risk of infidelities because paradoxically, it is the couples who grant the most freedom that remain the most faithful.