After the wedding

Begin your new lives as a married couple, and listen to our advice on this vital phase of your relationship.

7 Steps to achieve a caring relationship

The best way to love someone is starting to love yourself, so you can help your partner every day to strengthen their self-esteem and nothing can weaken.

Does Being Married Make You Happier?

Do marriege makes you happier? or does happy people get married? More or less both the answers lie within a good understanding of the key word 'happiness' and how to create it!

7 Things girls should avoid in relationship

Ladies!! your love life needs a constant careful attention and nurturing. Avoid these silly mistakes and win over your weakness, love each other and be thankful for a happy relationship.

Live Happily Ever After in your Relationship!

Being in a relationship is the best thing ever, but keeping it intact is a bit difficult! Get to know more about how to keep the things as new as it was in the beginning.


Wedding events

Zankyou’s Tenth Anniversary: A Decade Together

At Zankyou, we are celebrating our tenth anniversary! We are showing an overview of our history, and giving thanks to all of those who have helped us to grow during the last decade - from couples all over the world, to the companies who have made their weddings extraordinary.

My Bestfriend and Me Collaborate with Zankyou For Their Delhi Show

My Best Friend & Me is one of the most sought-after retail exhibitions in New Delhi, hosting two main events in March and August every year. With the event around the corner on the 30th of March, we thought we’d give you the low down on the husband and wife who organise the show and the trendy designers you can fill your closet with. 30th March 2018, The Lalit New Delhi. 11 AM to 8 PM.

Life as a couple

Best Proposal Ideas For Valentines Day

Valentines day is here and we´re all excited to see the #engaged hashtag flood our Instagram and Facebook feeds. If you're one of those thinking about proposing, here are some ideas and inspiration for you to make sure you get it right.

5 things to avoid to make your marriage to last!

Do not be afraid that because your spouse multiplies the parties between friends you will run the risk of infidelities because paradoxically, it is the couples who grant the most freedom that remain the most faithful.