Etiquette and fashion ideas for wedding guests.
How to make your guests enjoy your traditional wedding

How to make your guests enjoy your traditional wedding

How to keep everyone happy on your wedding

It’s not about keeping everyone happy but making them feel involved in the celebtration is what matters the most.

How to throw the best wedding party at your place

Party in itself is a opponent of stress and tensions. So feel free and live in the moment. Once the moment is gone it ain’t coming back.

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Amazing Tanishq lightweight gold jewellery designs for guests- 2017

Flow away in the amazing designs of the gold jewellery, that would make you look extremely beautiful at the Weddings of your loved ones!

Mistakes you should not make in your look when choosing accessories for your outfit

There are definitely a few things that you must not choose as an accessory with your outfit, so that you do not become the disaster of the event! Choose wisely, be happy.

How to get your guests off their phones during your ceremony!

Impress your guests with your Wedding style, and make them forget their mobiles!

How to throw a diwali party for your guests

Be attentive! to these tips and get ready to throw the best diwali party for your guests!

5 Ways to Make Your Guests Happy at Your Wedding

Guests are the heart of your wedding. They should be taken care of at the utmost level and should be on your prior lists.

How To Invite Your Guests With the Best Invitation Cards!

Invite the guests in style, and make it the best Wedding that they have been to!

How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Sister-In-Law

Gel up with your Sister-in-law through these tips! A Sister-in-law is a wonderful blessing which one would have and if you’ve got this, you are the lucky one.

5 Things you Should say to Your Mother-In-Law

A mother-in-law is like a teacher who will teach you, love you and will scold you sometimes but only to make you a better person. She is your second mother and definitely the one you should take care of.

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