Real weddings

Sometimes, the best inspiration for your wedding comes from the real stories that our Zankyou brides tell us. Stay in this section, and browse through our photos of the best weddings with the most desirable styles.
When Social Media Played Cupid For Priya And Mohit

When Social Media Played Cupid For Priya And Mohit

Photo: PhotozAapki.
Amazing wedding of Akanksha and Shivank- the one with a lot of love
From meeting for a social cause to falling in love, Akanksha and Shivank have come a really long way down the line.
Photo: Wedding Velvet.
Stunning wedding of Swaati and Jay- the couple that was made for each other
There is one most important thing that a wedding speaks- the coming together of two souls as one. Swaati and Jay were definitely two souls, but they are one since the time they met each other.
Photo: Golden Shutter Photography.
Traditional is still stylish! A look at our love struck Divya and Abhilash wedding in Hyderabad
The wedding being the most important part of any couple's life needs to be celebrated the best way so that it remains special for them!
Photo: PhotozAapki.
Stunning wedding of lovely couple Pallavi and Ayush
Every bridal couple knows that the wedding is something that can be enjoyed to the fullest only once in the lifetime, and Pallavi and Ayush did the same!
Traditional South Indian Wedding with a Goan twist
Tanisha and Anant- One of our favourite weddings of august 2017!. Captured wonderfully by
Photo: PhotozAapki.
A fairytale wedding for Shivangi and Dev! Who says you can´t have it all?
Every woman has the dream of getting married in the most beautiful way to her prince charming, and Shivangi had always had that dream as well.
Photo: Destination Photographers.
Sasikala and Britto 's fabulous destination wedding in Thailand!
Getting married is the best thing that can happen to a couple. But getting married the Indian way, outside India, is even more memorable and amazing!
Photo: Raman Saluja Photography.
Lovely wedding of Kirti and Atul- the one that was self-planned
Every small detail of the wedding makes the couple really happy, and this moment is definitely priceless! Kirti and Atul's wedding was fabulous and was totally loved by everyone who was a part of it.
Photo: Design Aqua Studio.
Stunning wedding of Kiah and Ron- the one where the bride chose the lehenga over FaceTime
The lehenga that was chosen over FaceTime totally worked and the bride looked mindblowing on her very special day!
Photo: Coffee Stains Photography.
Fabulous wedding of Apurva and Arjun- the one that was super cool
The wedding of Apurva and Arjun was done in such a way, that not just the bridal couple, but the people who were present there would remember it forever!
Photo: Rohan Mishra Photography.
Lovely wedding of Sanjana and Rahul- the one that was loved
Tying a knot with the one you love and with the one you are ready to spend your entire life with, is the best thing that can ever happen, and there is definitely nothing like it!
Impressive wedding story of Sudha and Mukesh- the one that started with orkut
Impressive wedding story of Sudha and Mukesh- the one that started with orkut
Describing a person whom you have never met, and who entered your life a month back is something magical, and happens only when there is true love- and in the case of these two, it definitely was!
Stunning wedding of Partha and Ghana with loads of love and laughter
Stunning wedding of Partha and Ghana with loads of love and laughter
Finding someone who understands you completely is very important, and Ghana and Partha are very lucky to have found each other!
Photo: Reels and Frames by Anand Rathi.
Happening wedding of Saaksha and Karan- the one with the long distance relationship
Meeting someone randomly is something that happens to everyone, but them becoming a huge and the most important part of your life is very rare!
Photo: Dream Diaries Photography.
Fabulous destination wedding of Sareena and Manav- the one with pure love
Grand weddings deserve a grand salute, as there is a lot of effort put in, in every single event! Sareena and Manav's wedding was a huge and grand success, and this made the couple really happy- just the way it's supposed to be!

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