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Sometimes, the best inspiration for your wedding comes from the real stories that our Zankyou brides tell us. Stay in this section, and browse through our photos of the best weddings with the most desirable styles.
When Social Media Played Cupid For Priya And Mohit

When Social Media Played Cupid For Priya And Mohit

Photo: The Wedding Salad.
Amazing wedding of Mahak and Rahul- the one with the beach wedding
Grand wedding is what every single person wishes for, and that is what makes them happy! Mahak and Rahul had a really grand beach side wedding that was totally loved.
Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.
Amazing old-world charm pre-wedding shoot of Pooja and Sushant
Meeting someone and giving them the title of someone most important is something that needs courage for, and Pooja and Sushant totally deserve each other!
Photo: Naman Verma Photography.
Stunning wedding of Ayesha and Dhruv- the one with the strong love
From being two totally opposite souls to becoming one soul, Ayesha and Dhruv have found their true love in each other, and there is nothing more they can ask for!
Photo: Knotty Days.
Amazing wedding of Shweta and Shubham- the one that started in the teenage
No one really believes in soul mates until they meet their's, and this is exactly what happened with Shweta and Shubham. They are childhood sweethearts and know each and everything about each other which is very important!
Photo: Subodh Bajpai Photography.
Amazing wedding of Nancy and Abhinav- the one with the college love
Knowing the person in and out before getting married is the best thing ever! This proves that one knows what the other person is thinking, which makes the relationship even easier!
Photo: Savitha Patil Photography.
School-love wedding of Reshma and Sandeep- the one with the unexpected proposal
Reshma would have never thought that a dare could change her life so much in such an amazing way, and neither did Sandeep!
Photo: The Wedding Conteurs.
Stunning wedding of Pearl and Kunal- the one with the profession turning into love
From being the airline pilots to being the pilots of each other's lives, Pearl and Kunal have come a really long way down the line.
Photo: Royal Rajwada Photography.
Fabulous wedding of Divya and Aakash- the one that was loved by everyone
Getting married to the person who understands you completely and who knows what is going inside your mind even before you let it out, is the most sensible thing to do!
Photo: Mrinal Khatnani Photography.
Fabulous wedding of Akansha and Sumiran- the one with love
The wedding of Akansha and Sumiran was loved by everyone who was a part of it, as it had love, laughter, and happy vibes all around.
Photo: The Photo Diary.
Amazing wedding of Prerna and Ankit- the one with the blessings
The only thing that someone needs in their life partner is to understand the other person and support them no matter what, and Prerna and Ankit are lucky enough to have found that in each other.
Photo: Photobooth9 by Anuraag Rathi.
Amazing Wedding of Vrinda and Pranay- The one with a great chemistry
Finding the right partner is what everyone wants, and it all depends up on the time- the right time will fetch you the right person!
Photo: Plush Affairs Photography.
Amazing wedding of Sonali and Raunak- the one that was done the Punjabi style
Finding a partner who understands you and accepts you the way you are is the best feeling that anyone can every get! Everyone is not perfect and finding a partner who understands this is a blessing.
Photo: Israni Photography.
Stunning wedding celebrations of Priyanjali and Abhishek- the one with the hot air balloon proposal
Getting married to a person with whom you can be comfortable and open with is the best thing ever, and this is something that makes the relationship of the couple really strong!
Stunning two-states wedding of Radhika and Sandip
Stunning two-states wedding of Radhika and Sandip
Being with someone and taking the decision of marrying them is a very big step, and this couple had done it just right.
Amazing wedding of Jagiriti and Anirudh: the one that was fabulous
Amazing wedding of Jagiriti and Anirudh: the one that was fabulous
Being professionally connected to becoming each other's soul mates, Jagiriti and Anirudh have come really long way down the line, and have loved each other with their whole heart.

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