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While shooting a wedding, capturing those moments it felt different like, the presence of joy, the hope that shines in the eyes, and the love that lingers in the air. Everything was so addictive. I think I got hooked on it. It was a normal wedding like any other but different in some way. The satisfaction i felt after capturing those moments was special and i'll never get the same feeling anywhere else. I didn’t really choose photography, it chose me.

I started with Cinematic Films in 2011. A friend of mine, who lived in the states, sent me a wedding video. And it blew my mind. I had never seen a wedding video made so beautifully. After a lot of research I realised shooting this kind of cinematic films wasn’t an easy task. It required a lot of expensive equipment and skilled professionals. I had none, just an idea. Then google played role of the manual, & I began. That time I was clicking roughly 45-50 weddings per year. I tried pitching the idea to many but none of them were ready to spend on a thought. Finally we met a beautiful couple and they agreed to splurge a few extras. I added my savings and hired the equipment, did my research and finally we shot the wedding. I edited with all I had and invited the couple to watch the final edit.And when I saw them jumping with joy, when the bride had happy tears in her eyes; that is when it clicked in my heart as if to say. This is it! And in that moment I realised even if I don’t make an extra dime, this is what I want to do in life. Touch lives in the most special way. To Make people cherish their special days for years to come. That video went quite viral and we were flooded with requests.

It's been five years, I have travelled across India capturing more than 200 weddings. I have covered weddings which are an intimate affair with just 10 family members to the grand weddings with guest list of 10,000.

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By yashaswi
I used their services for my wedding

One of our best wedding decisions was choosing Akshay Sansare as our photographer! 
I could have never asked for a better photographer and I am so thankful that my special day was captured so beautifully by Akshay Sansare and team :)
You captured the moments so perfectly..Very very overjoyed with the output of your hard work and cooperation.The cinematic short film is just so awesomely creative. Also the candid shots were superb.
We just cant thank you enough for all the hardwork by your team in our Wedding,wedding short film,Sangeet and Reception!

Yashaswi Jiwatode 

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By varsha
I used their services for my wedding

Akshay is a wonderful photographer and we wouldn't hesitate a bit to recommend him to anyone!

Tushar and I were initially very worried about our wedding photos and how they'd turn as we both are not the most comfortable in front of camera. Until we met Akshay...! He made us so comfortable and was the most perfect photographer. 

Akshay and his team managed to capture perfect amount of staged and candid pictures and even included some very emotional ones which sum up our relationship so perfectly. 

Thanks a million Akshay and team for giving us such wonderful memories for a lifetime :)

Varsha Sachdeva

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By bhargavi
I used their services for my wedding

We contacted several photographers before we finalized Akshay for our wedding. Sitting miles away from our wedding destination, his candid emails and prompt responses to our needs helped us make the right choice. We never met Akshay in advance and only a week before our wedding he made us feel very welcome and comfortable. He was very accommodative of the limited time we had before the wedding and made sure we had a great decor, outfit coloring to make us look perfect in his frames! He’s an extremely talented young man with a great business sense and captured the happiest moments of our lives. We cherish the memories through the wonderful pictures everyday.

Bhargavi pandit 

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What is your basic price for wedding photography?
What services do you offer?
Photography, video
How would you describe your photography style?
What are your terms of payment?
Takes 50% Advance Payment
What's the minimum advance notice that you need?
5 months
Do I need an appointment?
Appointment required
Is there a charge for travelling to other places?
Possible travelling expenses
How long has your business been running?
since 2011
Do you work alone or have a team to cover the wedding day?
We work with a team
What is the approximate delivery time of the final photos/video after the wedding?
Available on request

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