The Present Amet Haveli Was built during the rule of Maharana Jagat Singh Ji -2nd of Udaipur between 1734-1752 A.D. He was the builder of the famous Jag Niwas which is presently known as Lake Palace.Firstly,it was awarded to Dodiya Sardar Singhji and it was know as Dodiya ki Haveli.The Haveli was granted to Rawat Pratap Singh Ji of Amet Son of Fateh Singh Ji around 1783 Maharana Bheem Singhji of Mewar. Rawat Pratap Singhji of Amet fought bravely and averted an imminent attack by Maratha’s on Mewar. The thikana of Amet is situated 100 kms. in the north east of Udaipur on the river Chandarabhaga. This thikana (noble territory) is of supreme Historic importance in Mewar. The origin of the Amet family can be traced down from Chunda Ji. He was the eldest son “The heir – apparent’’ of Rana Lakha of Chittor, Mewar. He abandoned the throne of Mewar state in favor of his young step brother Mokal Ji. For this great sacrifice he is referred in folklore and history as Bhishma Pitamaha of Mewar. As he kept and fulfilled the promise which he made to his Father. He served the Mewar state unselfishly till his last breath.
Chunda Ji’s Great grandson was Jagga Ji. He was also chivalrous and die hard loyal to the throne of Mewar. During his time Mewar war ruled by slave son Banbir and the heir of Mewar throne, Rana Udai Singh (the founder of Udaipur city) was sheltred at Kumbhalgarh fort Near Amet. At the right moment Jagga Ji took Rana Udai Singh to Chittor and seated him on the throne of Mewar. He also protected the young Pratap (Maharana Pratap) in the war against Chouhan’s. He himself was martyred in this battle of Jaitana. His cenotaph is still present on the bank of river Som near Aaspur in Bansawara District of Rajasthan.For this great sacrifice Patta Ji son Karan Singh was awarded the Jagir of Amet. Before that they were the jagirdars of Kothariya and Kelwa near Rajnagar. The decedents of this Thikana are known as Jaggawats. They hold many Jagirs chief of which are Jilola, Tal, Lasani, Bemali,Meja, Peethawas,Thana etc.

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