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In the year 1973, late Shri H.S. Chawla had formed a wedding band company in Delhi, India. He was one of the best-known entrepreneurs in the business of the wedding music band services. Started as a small establishment, the fabled band was given the family name which went ahead on the road to success and was widely known as ‘Chawla Band’. In today’s times, Chawla Band is a very successful and one of the most popular companies in this business. We share our achievement as an award-winning company with pride.Chawla Band is one such Wedding Band service provider in Delhi that has maintained Indian standard of rhythm in the music they have been playing since years now. We provide band facilities for most of the occasions and celebrations across Delhi, rendering wide range of these services for Weddings and Receptions, Birthday Parties, Carnivals, Religious Programs and National Events. We perform both traditional and western music depending on the theme of the occasion. We have come a long way since the beginning of our business and have earned a considerable reputation in the minds of the people as the Famous ‘Chawla Band’ – The Choice of Millions!


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1 review
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By Sanyogita
I used their services for my wedding

Dear mothers/ fathers/ sisters,

I am sure the wedding bells of your son/ brother are around the corner and you are already dreaming of Ghud Chadi ceremonies and Dancing in the Baraat.

These were my feelings when my only brother's wedding got fixed and the only BLUNDER I did was to finalise CHAWLA BAND.

He is a rogue of the highest order. He has only spent lacs of rupees on his self publicity in which he himself claims to be the best.

His dealing and performance is exact replica of a Bollywood BLACK MAILER.

My brother's marriage took place on 9 December. The Ghud Chadi took place at Radisson Blu, Pashchim Vihar. The master of band there was Jaffar. He was beating Dhol with one hand and rotating his two fingers in circular direction in order to beg for negs/ nichawars from each and every Barati.

Then finally the most awaited moment of my brother's Ghud Chadi took place. The dholchis again demanded many thousands as nichawars when groom mounted on Ghud.

When I approached the Ghodi for feeding traditional Gur/ Chana, the dholchis didn't let me do so till I paid ₹2100.

When I protested, the dholchi started disturbing the Ghodi so that my brother falls flat on his face from the Ghodi.

I was smart enough to sense his ill intentions. I immediately asked my brother to dismount from the Ghodi and we proceeded for marriage venue in greater noida.

The moment we reached at the baraat assembly point on noida, i saw his dholchis/ lightwalas dressed up like coolies of railway station. It seems Chawla Band picks these hungry beggars from Railway Stations and doesn't pay them a penny.

He must be giving training to these beggars, as to how to beg for negs/ nichawars.

Our baggi proceeded with groom and the Ghodi controller again refused to proceed, if I don't give ₹5100. It's here that I gave him a good scolding and he proceeded.

Once we reached the point of Dwar Puja, the master of the Chawla Band sneaked inside the venue and started harassing the bride's father for money.

It was this point that he tested my patience and I gave him threat of police and shooed him away.

I was my dream to take my brother and bhabhi on a baggi ride after vidai for which I paid a heavy amount.

But the way these beggars of Chawla Band behaved, I didn't let the shehnai of vidai to be played. I was sure that these Chawla beggarss will harass us there also. We swiftly made the bride and groom sit in the brand new Mercedes and went back to Radisson.

See friends, no matter how much I criticise this Chawla Beggar on social media platforms, I know that he will still manage to get some business. All people are not literate enough to read reviews on social media.

My intention behind writing this review is obly to Beware literate families like us, not to get mislead by fraud skills of Mr. Rajender who manages the Tagore Nagar office. His behaviour with clients changes the moment he gets 100 percent payment. DO NOT ever BOOK this Chawla band. Your most awaited moments will become a nightmare within fraction of seconds.

I am hereby sharing pic of my bill. Friends, I will be more than happy to share videos of this beggar.

Dilli ka Mashoor Bhikari, Chawla Band!

Dilli ka Mashoor Nanga, Chawla Band!

Dilli ka Mashoor Blackmailer, Chawla Band!

Dilli ka Mashoor trans gender, Chawla Band!

Bhikhari, bhookhe jiske Dholchi,

Chawla Band!

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