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Hazoorilal Jewellers

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For over 60 years Hazoorilal has been a jeweller who has cherished the importance of heritage, style and innovation. Moving in from Lahore, leaving behind all his possessions, Hazoorilal Narang opened his first store in Chandni Chowk in 1952.

As jewellers, Hazoorilal has established a strong stamp of recognition, quality and credible reputation and their customers continue to be loyal to the brand for three generations now. The heritage of Hazoorilal patrons also narrates the tales of aristocracy with prestigious clientele that include the Royal Families of Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.

Driven by passion and deep love for jewellery, Sandeep Narang travels extensively across the globe in his quest to be abreast with latest international trends and as he strategically drives the footprint of Hazoorilal in world markets. From UK to Switzerland, Europe, Far & Middle East, he participates in leading international shows. As Sandeep explores the world through his frequent travels, he draws inspiration from his journeys to blend traditional Indian style with contemporary style trends.

Hazoorilal was also among the first jewellery houses to introduce certified diamonds to their clientele. Today Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang is also the only brand in India to present the Lily Cut and Orchidea Cut diamond which are truly one of their kind pieces. The Lily cut diamond has 65 facets compared to the princess cuts 43 facets. This is a real fancy cut and distinct for its craftsmanship.


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