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Hitesh Shivnani Photography

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Hitesh Shivnani an affably accommodating being bereft of any ancestral creed in the field of photography bagging the pursuance of “Livewires” – The Media Institute of Mumbai having confronted appalling difficulties ,at the threshold of his career and his schooling, wondering without a patron to bear his expenses and other living costs in wonderland of Mumbai from dawn until deepened dusk in an arduous quest of publishing himself which he finally having achieved by his courageous eagerness and astute observations during his cocoon-stage of erecting his skills of professionalism in a Delhi-based wedding studio. Mr. Hitesh Shivnani, an adventitious photographer but born to be, and his all-pervading influence is axiomatic through his mere photography.


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US$ 1,25,000
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1-3 weeks
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Appointment not required
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Payment Schedule 50 % Advance 30% on wedding date. 20% on delivery of albums and videos.
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Opinions about Hitesh Shivnani Photography

2 reviews
2 reviews
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By Kanika
I used their services for my wedding

SO, I sat down today to write a review on my personal experience with #Hiteshshivnaniphotography  and #Hiteshshivnani "The Photographer" Himself. And its “REAL BAD”

Disclaimer : I am the real client and its my REAL experience with him. There might be clients who have had a good experience with him (you were lucky) but what I am gonna write here is NOT exaggerated and NOT modified. So if you can sympathize with me please do not write bull-shit as I have proofs for everything I am stating and I want everyone out to be beware of the SCAM he is running on the name of #hiteshshivnaniphotography.

I am gonna cut the long story short:

Booked him 6 Months in Advance. Had two personal sessions with him explaining what I want and understanding what I need to provide him in order to get what I want He showed me a BIG FAT printed book of ideas to shortlist from (not clicked by him) and promised he can do a better job than the pictures he showed me. Reassured me that I am not going to be disappointed and he is REALLY excited to capture the North – South Wedding. I booked his flight tickets from Delhi to Manglore (Karnataka)(along with the videographer’s) Took care of the airport transfer fares for both I booked a room for him in the same hotel we all stayed in Provided the same food me and my family members ate. Ordered all the “accessories” for funky pictures and themes we discussed Bought flying lanterns as he suggested and what not.


The moment he arrived at the hotel (Dec 3rd) He started complaining its really HOT! He started saying the room is really small and he need to move to a bigger room with AC (this was not al all mentioned at the time of booking him) By second day started complaining about the FOOD that we all were eating with him. We had to run behind him for all the events, while he was editing and sitting and chilling in the room. He became really good friends with my make up artist and enjoyed hanging out with her so much that he wasn’t present at the time of any important events. Unprofessional At the time of wedding (post and pre) he was so buzy taking songs from the DJ in his pendrive that we DO NOT have a SINGLE couple picture together that we can frame and put up on the wall. I dare him to post even PICTURE from our wedding day where you can see the newly wed couple and their Full attires! I had to hut for him while I was in my wedding dress so he could click ONE good pic of us with our parents. When I called him he said I am a CANDID photographer this is NOT my job! I mean really? You wont click a single pic of mw with my family????? Cz you are buzy transferring music? He was paid for a trailer too where we discussed we would need bytes of my family members (close ones obviously) . My sister and JIJu had to literally beg and run after him to take those bytes from them ar 3 in the night. WHY? Because he was TIRED (of transferring songs and making friends) and was sleeping! The only few pics that I have of my wedding are NOT clicked by him are clicked by his videographer in spare time! And of course the video is great because the videographer was very talented. Fought for payment of a lost charger of his phone. Said mean and rude things to me and my family on my wedding day


Vanished with my make up artist post functions and we COULD NOT track him. I DO NOT care what he does in his personal time, but what I do care is the MONEY I have paid and the MOST IMPORTANT DAY of my life and its Memories.



Post all this he still assured me that the pics will be great and editing will be on point. I am uploading few samples of low res images he shared with me to choose for the album



HE has told me that he WONT share the images with me NOW so I have lost all the movey!


Decide for yourself and only contract him for your marriage if you wanna experience all of the bove.


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By Sarminder
I used their services for my wedding

Hitesh Shivnani kindly took many beautfiul photos for us to remember our wedding day forever! We are very happy because he captured all the best moments of the day! He delivered on his promise :) 

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