Jewels By Sahiba is a premium brand of Sterling silver jewellery. Our mission is to give every lady the means to style herself with the best. Jewels By Sahiba is a bespoke online Jewellery label for high fashion semi precious and mixed metal jewellery. We offer premium quality jewellery for all occasions and purpose. A wedding in the family or a casual piece of jewel for a summer lunch , our pieces are a perfect amalgamation of contemporary design and traditional essence. We create pieces that are not run of the mill and are each different in their own way. “ Try us and you won’t think twice before buying from us! ”

Confidence is your best accessory , Never leave home without it.A perfect Sunday Brunch with a plate full of jewels .JEWELLERY & SEMI PRECIOUS JEWELLERY ! The stones used , base metal , natural stones embellished , handcrafted quality , making cost , everything differs ! Each and every piece is a result of a month long research , hard work and thought process to bring you jewels that justify our brand name. A lot of time and energy is put in behind each piece and it is made sure that profit can be compromised with , but not quality ! Cheap jewellery is Cheap for a reason. Lets not put china wholesale jewellery abd handcrafted masterpieces in one bracket . Multipurpose takkar kundan earrings that are a woman's cherished piece of jewellery .


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