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I'm a Bangalore boy, brought up in the globally notorious city of the South. I am the CEO of DCAM Production Studios Pvt Ltd. and a Director at Lazaro Advertising Pvt Ltd. Both of which are family run businesses.

I consider myself lucky to have been born into a family that challenged the regular route of life. My brother and I grew up in a rich environment. No we weren't filthy rich. But we were surrounded by something more valuable. Our parents were both designers who engrained us with a thirst for acquiring skills. A trait that I now consider paramount. I clearly remember running around dad while he painted with the familiar smell of turpentine in the air and also remember being taken for meetings with clients at an early age just so that we were exposed.

Engrained in this multi-disciplinary background I've specialised in a number of skill-sets; photography being one of them. I intend to expand this site to focus on other areas of interest in the future, but for now I'm just focusing on photography. I regularly work across the entire gamut of photography, from Architectural, to Product and Advertising Photography.

No section about me would be complete without a mention of my two angels; my beautiful wife Lynn and my charismatic baby girl Alayna. They are an inspiration and an abundant source of joy.

 A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is nothing more gratifying than photographs that don't just document, but capture the string of magical moments that make up a wedding. This is not a matter that one should take lightly. You, your partner, your family and one day your children will look at these images repeatedly as the years go by. They will serve as a record of a time in your life that you will forever cherish. A time of youth, a time of love and a time of achievement.

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