Planning and creating memorable celebrations for the who's who since April 2004, Maadhyam has been a forerunner; setting trends, coming up with innovative ideas and shaping your dreams. While Weddings and Wedding Functions are what we do best, we will gladly add festivities to any occasion you want to celebrate.

Lovingly nurtured by Ms. Bindiya Chhabra and Mr. Vikram Chhabra, Maadhaym is more than an events company. It develops and buys its own items, designs and concepts, has a 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse for stocking and in-house manufacturing and an efficient and experienced team of 25 executive members and 75 permanent production members making events smooth as clockwork and absolutely delightful.

Initiated in 2004, Maadhyam got the big start in 2007 when they handled a wedding for the Diwan Sahib Group in Delhi, with the elite of town in attendance. An unforgettable event, it gave an impetus to the company. A thorough understanding of the clients' needs and providing apt and ingenious solutions has ensured an enviable list of clients.

As a pioneer in the field of Weddings and Events, Bindiya coupled her innovative ideas and people skills with her husband's expertise in handling staff for the perfect start. She says, "The Indian wedding is not about the bride and the groom but about the families and friends too. While planning for the best weddings, I also prepare for any eventuality that may arise at the last minute as even the best laid plans can unravel and it is how you put the show together at that time that makes all the difference."

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