Built in 2009 AD….MIHIR GARH…. or ‘The Fort of the Sun’ is an indulgent initiative from the House of Rohet. Manifesting out of the golden sands of Marwar, it stands majestically to embrace the discerning traveler and shower upon him the legendary hospitality and the diverse flavors of the land.
Alishan is the name given to the suites on the ground floor, each of which comes with its own plunge pool and personal courtyard. Meanwhile, the suites on the first floor are called Shandaar and have an exclusive open air Jacuzzi along with a private terrace. Alishan and Shandaar – the names come from the fine Marwari Stallions from the Rohet Stables.
The equestrian program at Mihir Garh is among the finest in the country. The best specimens of the Marwari breed of horses will give you a sense of sheer strength and freedom, as you ride across the vast, virgin wilderness.The Village Safari is a cultural showcase of the rural India in all its splendor.One of most popular activities, this is truly picnicking like Royalty! A beautiful location by one of the many small lakes and jheels that dot the region


  • Luxury
  • What are the key features of the venue?

    Garden, Terrace, Marquee, Dance Floor, Swimming-pool, Panoramic views, Guest accommodation
  • Price range

  • Can the couple provide their own wedding cake?

    The couple can bring their wedding cake
  • Please tell us anything curious, anecdotic or amusing about your business.

    The majestic fort seems to emerge from the desert and complements the rugged beauty of the land. The workmen (over a hundred of them) come from the region itself bringing in the local lilt
  • What kind of wedding venue would you most like?

    Natural garden
  • Can the wedding party be held outdoors?

    Open air banquet
  • Is it possible for the couple to hire their own DJ and/or Photographer?

  • If you have accommodation for the guests, what is the maximum number of rooms available?

    9 Suites
  • Would you host the wedding cocktail outdoors?

    Open air cocktail party

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I used their services for my wedding

Awsome place for photography. great articteture

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By rakesh1
I used their services for my wedding

Very good fort. great place for a small function

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I used their services for my wedding

This is amazing , I really like this place

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I used their services for my wedding

A bit off the beaten track but a great place to relax for 2/3 days are rushing around India taking in all the sites. The rooms are huge with great facilities, even fast broadband. Food is v good and the infinity pool big enough for the 10 rooms,

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I used their services for my wedding

Very artistic place, evenings are beautiful, swimming pool... ahaaa swimming pools in that open surroundings right in the middle of farm land, level raised from the ground... perfect place to swim and see the sun-set. Very personalized attention by the host. Architecture of this place is just perfect. Perfect place for a romantic holiday... far away from the population. In fact this is the single structure right in the middle of the fields. Each room is like personalized villa.

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Near Khandi Rajasthan, Heerawa 306421 Jodhpur
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