Mira's Designer Wedding Cakes for special occasions and special people ... 

For your special day you need a special cake , a Custom Cake. We will create for you a customized cake sure to leave a lasting impression long after the day is over.  Using only the freshest ingredients, we will create the perfect cake , flavor and filling combination to suit your taste.  We  promise that this cake will taste just as wonderful as it looks! 

We are best known for our custom cakes and for good reason too!  We invite you to, to be a part of the designing process and have a designer cake exactly the way you imagined it!

Wedding cakes from Miras to make your special day very special. Customized single or multi-tier cakes to suit your taste and occasion.

Opinions about Mira’s Dial A Cake

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By Rahil
They provided a service in a wedding at which I was a guest

On my friends wedding I saw them delivering and assembling the wedding cake. It looked awesome and they came in time finished in 45 minutes and left.

Cake looked awesome and tasted fantastic. Cake was a center of attraction indeed. 

I spoke to Miras Dial a Cake team which was assembling the multitier cake and they sounded quite knowledgeable and  professional. 

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