It all started with three friends all into family business. And then went completely creative.
That is what brought this trio together to start Purple Feather Productionxs, where
Bharath M.S. Raj is the foundation behind the vision and Arun Mehta and Mithil Mehta are
the meticulous planners who paints a canvas of festivity and fun.

They think it's "knot enough to just plan a event, it's a deep aspiration to make dreams a reality and perfectly craft your big day. Ideate, Create, Execute - these are the steps that Purple Feather Productionxs follows as a professional event planning outfit that understands your vision, defines your style, and develops customized events in their role as your event planners.

Purple Feather Productionxs is a Bangalore based wedding planning agency that provides end-to-end solutions to your wedding planning requirements - right from selecting that perfect venue to designing and planning an intimate vacation package for the couple. Having planned over 100 gorgeous weddings across India, the wedding planners at Purple Feather Productionxs have just the right insight and ideas that you need for your wedding.

To go above and beyond with the creative management expertise of this team is what provides you with a signature wedding. From a quiet intimate sit-down dinner for 30 to a grand reception party for 30,000 people, the wedding planning agency has worked on the best of both worlds. The Purple Feather Productionxs team consists of experienced and passionate individuals who eat, sleep and dream weddings- so rest assured that your big day is perfectly crafted. Bharath M.S.RAJ (Wedding Planner & Co-Founder .

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