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Instead of doing a standard ‘About Us’ section which we all know nobody reads, I thought of putting together some photos of the both of us, so as to give you a small glimpse into our lives.

I have a formal education in Architecture and Pavan in Engineering. Ever since he has joined me as a photographer, it’s as if I now have an extra set of limbs and (very observant) eyes, and I thank my stars that we’re able to function together so seamlessly.
Originally from Mumbai, we now live in Goa where we can be as away from an urban life as practically possible. In our free time, we love to read, cook, eat and travel to quiet places. Another of our current daily rituals is going up to our terrace every evening and watching Nat Geo live as it unfolds in the fields and skies behind our house in the form of a plethora of animals and birds! 

Opinions about Richa Kashelkar Photography

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By Soham
I used their services for my wedding

Great job! my wife and family all loved the images clicked during our wedding. We have an amazing album full of many beautiful memories. Thankyou for capturing them.


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By Poonam Methi
I used their services for my wedding

Richa was absolutely amazing and has great experience. I will for sure use her again, and recommend her to all friends and family members! Thankyou Richa

Poonam Methi

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By Eshita
I used their services for my wedding

I was so glad for my photographer – Richa and her husband were so cool, they were always there without interrupting anything. Extremely easy to be around and very professional, I knew I wanted Richa as my wedding photographer even before I’d met my husband :) Her pictures are magic and there’s no one who can capture feelings like she does. 



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