Royal Treat Hospitality Services

Royal Treat Hospitality Services

A Professional to take care of all your needs With families getting smaller, the old day’s practice of entire family descending to help the host in organizing the affair is now a passé. Sometimes, you as the host would yourself get tied up with professional commitments and during such times, with no helping hand, the arrangements face a great setback. Sometimes, we even think we have so many friends and relatives to help us, but most often, at the time when we want them most there would be none. Worse is when our friends/relatives think they know what to do and in the process, end up messing the arrangements. There are also possibilities that they would end up extending larger interest in serving their own relatives/family/friends rather than seeing all the guests..Given the need for good service for memorable celebrations, especially in light of the huge money spent, we conceived Royal Treat with a sole motto of ensuring the guests savor the services and the host gets the accolades that he/she truly deserves and not robbed by penny-pinching service providers.
One of the common after effects of grand celebrations is the huge quantities of garbage that is left behind. Royal Treat recognizes this as a major social nuisance. Keeping with its policy of Delightful Memories of the celebration, Royal Treat desists from use of plastic in their tableware. The materials to be used would largely be either washable or biodegradable.
Going beyond to make your guests comfortable
There is also a need to make arrangements for travel, accommodation of the guests, booking the place for the event, making the decorations and creating the right ambience for the celebration, ensuring the invitations are designed as planned and dispatched, obtaining confirmation of participation, ensuring that the seating arrangements are planned and comfortable, ensuring the place of celebration is free of dirt and there is adequate air and light, and many such others help in efficient organization of the event. However, due to paucity of supporting hands, these usually do not get the due importance and thus sometimes leads to dissatisfaction from the guests.


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