Saba Haveli was designed and built 200 years ago by the famous British Architect Sir Samual Swinton Jacob who was also the Chief Architect responsible for building the city of Jaipur. It won the Best Heritage Building in the Jaipur Virasat Utsav (Jaipur Heritage Festival) in 2002.Saba" in Urdu means Morning "breeze" and the term "Haveli" is used in Hindi to denote a large (palatial) bungalow,Royal residence, usually occupied by a feudal lord. Saba Haveli, a unique property, suffused with a quiet dignity, stands in the heart of the walled city of Jaipur, the city built 2 centuries ago by Maharaj Jai Singh II, also known as the "Pink City". The spirit of Rajasthan's history and legend, coloured by chivalry and romance, finds expression in Jaipur.
Saba Haveli has 10 rooms and 1 luxury suite, a terrace restaurant with a spectator view of Nahargarh Fort, Garh Ganesh temple & lush garden attached garden with ambience can be used for various events for up to 500 guests. It is a intimate hotel offering personalized service and excellent food to visitors looking for value for money along with an experience of a life time of living in royal ambience. Saba Haveli has a warm and friendly atmosphere, enabling guests to relax, as if in a home away from home.
The lineage of Saba Family began with Munshi Rai Mukund ji, Deputy Prime Minister of the Moghul Emperor, Jehangir. Saba Haveli, earlier called "Munshi Ji Ki Haveli"and Munshi Ram ji Dass ki Haveli was built by Munshi Nand Kishor ji. It was later renamed as "Saba Haveli" after his great grand son Munshi Chand Behari lal "Saba". Munshi Chand Behari Lal Saba was a renowned poet in India. He was also honoured by the Government of Rajasthan by conferred as title of "Tuti-e-Rajasthan" (Voice of Rajasthan) and He has written a book "SABA GRANTHAWALI" and awarded a Gold Medal by the (late) Maharani Gayatri devi.

Opinions about Saba Haveli

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By joan
I used their services for my wedding

“I loved the old architecture, the size of the room was palacial, everything worked, access to the veranda and dining areas was easy, windows opened, lovely friendly staff, delicious dinner and generally had an old style feel of hospitality and ease in it's simplicity and 'non trendiness' I will stay there again.”

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By Surpreet
I used their services for my wedding

pretty awesome experience, i would recommend

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By Pas
I used their services for my wedding

It was the last place we stayed on our India trip. And after entering the Haveli we had a "Best Marigold Hotel" experience after the nice hotels we had before...
But the Saba Haveli is a jewel in Jaipur. We had a rooftop room and our breakfast was served either on the rooftop or in the private garden opposite the haveli. We have spent our dinners overviewing the picturesque sunset over Jaipur with monkeys dancing on the roofs and kites flying in the sky.
We have been treated very well and courteously. We even prolonged our stay by one night to attend the Holi Festival. We even got invited by the owner to the Holi with his family.

- very friendly treatment
- spacious rooms
- good food
- rooftop dining
- rather old furnishing, low water pressure in the shower
- free wifi

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