At Tantraa Wedding Planners, we believe in bestowing our magical touch to every wedding event that we undertake.
Our goal is to create a unique identity for your wedding. Our team of innovative and dynamic professionals work with you personally and continually, to give your wedding the specialized attention it's worthy of. Once you have brought us in for your wedding preparations, you are assured of a wonderful experience that you will treasure for life. We understand the importance of this occasion in your life and the promise it heralds of a beautiful and joyous future. We have a very innovative and exuberant bevy of visual stylists who can help you encase the news of your nuptial ceremony in the most appealing of way. The result : an immaculately presented invitation of your auspicious ceremony at the perfect time. What is the most important ingredient for the most memorable wedding? Undoubtedly where it is staged. We work with you to painstakingly select the perfect location and venue on the planet which shall be worthy of memories for a lifetime. From Adelaide to Zanzibar, there is a location that is waiting and available to suit your taste, interest and plans. This, the most intricate of the workings of any wedding ceremony is what the various attendees carry with them as their memoirs of your nuptial. We allocate for the very best hospitality management and local expertise to ensure that your stay and ceremony run with flawless perfection. All the while, we also endeavour to provide better privecy to the closest & VIP members of your party. The highlight of your wedding is undoubtedly the venue itself which stages the entire proceedings. What shall set it apart will be the ambience created around it - your own unique dreamscape! Did we mention about our capable and enthusiastic designers? Surely, yes! Here you shall see the wondrous creations which they have conjured up from the depths of imagination. The magical realm of your wedding venue shall be the talk of the town for some time to come. From the best... gourmet chefs, we arrange for the foremost experts who shall prepare sumptuous delights for your gusts and you. Whether you want separate cuisine menus or a melange of national- international bites, rest assured for we have capabilities of roviding every lip-smacking mouthful. We know that your cherished moments of joy are going to be your life's treasure. And look who we have brought in to capture the very essence of time and entrap it like flakes of gold dust in your memories. Performing solely for your pleasure are exotic troupes and famous celebrities, who have come all the way to be part of the joyous celebration of your happily married lives ,forever!


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