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We truly understand how special weddings are. Therefore we believe that a wedding, whether big or small, should always carry a charm so grand that its memories are forever etched in your mind. That is why we come into the picture. We are a team, armed with creativity and driven by enthusiasm. It is our job to add our special touch in every step to make your wedding perfectly unique. We look after every single detail so that the ceremonies run smoothly and you don't have to worry about the bridal dress, or the venue, or the food, or the guests. We are known to be on our toes all day, all night so that you can enjoy every moment of your wedding. We run around in pouring rains, work in the scorching heat and in the freezing cold, around the clock. Our work means getting sunburns, bruises and cuts. It's months of planning, only hours to put together and minutes to tear down. It's about meeting the nicest clients, turning them into friends and creating something amazing for them. Still we never get tired because we love what we do and we do what we love. Each wedding is unique. Gone are the days when a wedding meant a collective extended family project. We work closely with you and your families to develop a wedding that is uniquely yours, reflecting your personality and individual taste. Whether it's a small and intimate affair, a large-scale royal production, or an exotic destination wedding, our enthusiasm and creativity makes it truly memorable and most importantly, one of a kind. We create a perfect experience catering to all cultures, budgets, styles and sizes. They say marriages are made in heaven. And we have taken it quite literally. We know how to spot a perfect heaven for every wedding. If you are a traveller at heart, if beauty attracts you the most, a destination wedding is sure to make the event ideal! Have you ever visited a place and wondered how beautiful it would be to get married there? Well, if you really want, it will not be a dream anymore as we are sure to make it come true. After all, a picture so special, needs a gorgeous background!


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Beautiful wedding decoration and coordination by this vendor. 

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We charge a fixed fee for planning.
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No restrictions
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INR 5,00,000
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Giving you a never seen before design every time. Using elements that you would never think of in your decor. We personally look into everything from hospitality, logistics, entertainment, f &b, decor just like a family member would.
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8 years

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