The Wedding Studio by Ohsoboho India

The Wedding Studio’, by Oh!SoBoho India, delivers fully customized, chic and creative designs to suit every occasion and taste.  Whether you are looking for something simple and sweet or ornate to match the theme of your big-fat-Indian-wedding, we work tirelessly to understand you and your requirements to create something that you and your family would cherish for a lifetime.  We work with you as your personal Wedding Design Consultants, guiding you through and overlooking the wedding design theme, colours, paper as well as production and printing, thus providing you with a complete, end-to-end solution.

Opinions about The Wedding Studio by Ohsoboho India

4.9 5 reviews
By NehaJ
I used their services for my wedding

If Ohsoboho had a second name, it would be creativity. Plain and simple. They are really really good with their work. 


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By Ronit Baugh
I used their services for my wedding

The work of The Wedding Studio is anything, but conventional. Its absolutely clutter-breaking, and the two ladies that run the show - Ratna and Shreya - truly make a creative powerhouse together. 
They customised my invite exactly how I wanted it, paying complete attention to detail and what they made got me the same reaction (read reflex action) from everyone who saw it: raised eyebrows, big smiles and a big, loud "WOW!"

Ronit Baugh 


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By Shibaji Roychoudhury
I used their services for my wedding

If you are looking for an exclusive design and creativity, Ohsoboho and The Wedding Studio have just what you need. My fiance and I were simply enamoured when we saw our wedding card. It was everything that we had hoped for. It was magical to see all that was there in our mind translate so beautifully and accurately on paper. Also, mind you that the people over at The Wedding Studio are as punctual and professional as it gets. Add to that, quite affordable. A special shout out to Shreya Banerjee and Ratna Desai. Thank you again for making it special for us and more power to you.

Shibaji Roychoudhury 

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Price range
What are your opening/working hours?
By appointment only
What are your terms of payment?
50% advance as commitment fee, 25% post design and sample finalization and 25% on delivery. We ship nationally and internationally. Shipping charges are over and above, as applicable.
Do you have an online store?
Online purchase not available
Do you work from a catalogue or do you create bespoke invitations?
personalised designs
Does the price also include printing?
Impression costs included
What type of printing do you do?
What are your delivery times?
More than 3 weeks
How long has your business been running?
4 years

Street Address

City: 110016