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  • Amazing Tanishq lightweight gold jewellery designs for guests- 2017

Amazing Tanishq lightweight gold jewellery designs for guests- 2017

Flow away in the amazing designs of the gold jewellery, that would make you look extremely beautiful at the Weddings of your loved ones!

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Each and everything must be perfect if you are attending someone’s Wedding, may it be in your family, or close friends. But when it comes to the jewellery, it must not just be perfect, but it must be the best too! Tanishq‘s jewellery is definitely the best out of the lot, and is preferred by anyone and everyone! Established in 1994, Tanishq has come a very  long way down the line, and is appreciated all across. Jyoti, the Manager says, “Tanishq means ‘Tan se Ishq’, which refers to one loving their body! So whoever loves their body, loves Tanishq. Jewellery is one of the things that defines a woman’s beauty, and these designs are all set to do the same!


The best thing about this brand of jewellery is that it is renowned not only in the country, but internationally as well. The unique designs that come up every now and then are definitely appreciated by everyone who wears them! Started from the watches for the American and European markets back in the 90’s, it is now a very big brand in jewellery all across the globe. The specialty of this brand is the pure gold that is used, without any impurities in it. These designs would make you look just fabulous at the Wedding, and you would be appreciated by all.

With more than 150 showrooms in the country, Tanishq is one of the most loved brands by the people! You being the Wedding guest, need to dress up really well. Here is A Mini Style-Guide, that would make you look just fantastic! You can also go through the Dress ideas, Eye cosmetics, and the Perfumes, that would help you be the best, with the best.

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Amazing Tanishq lightweight gold jewellery designs for guests- 2017