Be a traditional South Indian bride 2017: The shine Jewellery to be loved

In south Indian weddings there are a lot of ceremonies and each ceremony bride needs different kinds of jewellery. Here are some of 2017's best collection.

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When it comes to marriages and rituals in South India, it is the epitome of simplicity. Brides hailing from the southern part of India prefer heavily embroidered silk sarees or Kanjeevaram sarees. Sarees prevailing from South India and various layers of jewellery make bridal look so heavy that while choosing makeup for the brides-to-be, one should be wary. Have a look at some of the best in our gallery.

Chetan G R, with a background as a jeweller and Ashwini Oza, an interior designer, decided to give birth to ARNAV 13 years ago. They say “South Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Indian bridal jewellery making is definitely a revered art indeed. The thattans, kamasalus or goldsmiths are still held in high prestige”.

Founded in 1994, Tanishq is a part of TATA group and the largest retail jewellery brand in India with over 180 exclusive showrooms across 109 cities. They say “There are all kinds of South Indian bridal jewellery sets that are available today, covering classes like antique, traditional, modern or even the simple statement necklace sets”.

The Kishandas & Co. story dates back to 1870 when the family legacy started with the first jewellery store in Golconda Fort. They say “In south Indian weddings there are a lot of ceremonies and each ceremony requires the bride to be dressed up and this obviously means the bride needs different kinds of jewelry for all the ceremonies too”.

With stunning jewellery you also need Makeup, Dress and Shoes.

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