05 Things to keep your wedding forever alive

It is indelible memories of your wedding. Wedding is made ​​up of many small objects, memories materials, which you’ll have to necessarily take with you in a box of memories. Wedding is of five days but the special moments of your wedding will always going to stay with you in your memories. We identified 10 objects to be kept your wedding remember forever!


Entrance at your wedding venue is very special and remember able for you and for your guest too and yes your entry at your wedding venue can be dream for other girls who all going to get married soon and planned their entrance by inspiring your entrance at your wedding venue. You can go for flowers as you are also flower for someone on that day and flowers always gives you freshness to your mood. Perfumes that smells great and will convey unique emotions.

Photo: Nikhil Arora
Photo: Nikhil Arora


It is a day, where all gathers to bless you for your bright future and for your successful married life ahead. It is very love cum emotional feeling which a bride have on her wedding day that every relative and friends came to wish for her happiness in her future life. You can opt ​​to keep it in your box of memories. Later on when you will go through your wedding memories these moments will remind you about your relatives love and affection for you.

Photo: Mahima Bhatia


Photographs are more than a diamond is forever! It is the tangible form of a memory, a moment of emotion. You can keep a Polaroid of that day or perhaps decide to take from your wedding album photo that is particularly important to you. Photography is the cornerstone of your most beautiful day. Pictures  signifies and signified merge to get straight to the heart, indelible memories of emotions that only an afterimage can explain.

Photo: Tarun Jha

The agenda

The diary of your wedding bells, one that has collected in the months all the impressions, feelings, appointments, post-it with “flying ideas”, the lists that you have drawn up day after day in a word , your agenda wedding.

Photo: Nikhil Arora

The wedding kit

Remember when we tell you about the wedding kit, the basic necessaries just in case the bride MUST essentially bring on her big day. Here, it would be nice to keep it as a small treasure of simple objects that you require most.

There are so many ceremonies in Indian weddings and it is a journey of memories and emotions which is made ​​up of many unique pieces of your special memories. Later on the things which bring you into your wedding through your great choice will be your best memories.

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