10 Lies All Women Tell

As women, we like to tell little lies, but trust us, it's for your own good. Find out 10 lies that all women tell!

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As women, we are more intuitive, smarter, and better at lying. Women can lie much better than men can. We are especially good at telling little white lies for the sake of our relationships. It’s not a bad thing. Sometimes, these little lies are necessary to make our relationships stronger.

Here are 10 lies all women says

1. I’m not jealous: It is quite obvious that we are going to get jealous if we see our men with other women. These are things that are better not to say. Of course, he’s can have female friends, but we can’t help getting a little jealous and we know that if we question it, it can affect our relationships.

2. Just tell me, I promise I won’t get angry: It is the most common lie every woman tells. Let’s see, men of the world, do you really believe that we will not get angry? We try to hide it to prevent the spark from turning into a fire. There is no escape. Your words will be used against you. Women are women. We only say that we aren’t angry but these are just words. Be intuitive and know when she’s hiding her anger or she will use it against you.

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Photo: Simplypush Photography.

3. I’ll be ready in a minute: One minute. 60 seconds does not even give us time to open the closet. Do not ever think that she can be ready in one minute. Choosing an outfit, dressing, grooming, putting on makeup, preparing our purses, and making sure we haven’t forgotten anything takes us at least an hour, and we love to take or time doing it. Try to understand what it’s like having to do hairstyles and makeup? Being a woman is not so easy.

4. It was not so expensive: We also have the right to treat ourselves from time to time. It’s not like we splurge every day. We buy things because we need them, or because we will need them in the not too distant future. Do not forget that women have the power to convince men or anything when it comes to shopping. We get them to pay by saying it’s not too expensive.

5. I’m not looking for a relationship right now: In the language of every woman, this phrase means: I want us to be together but I’m afraid of getting hurt. We don’t want to lose, so we tell you we don’t want a relationship.” That means do not leave me. I need you and only you.

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Photo: Simplypush Photography.

6. I’m fine: Another classic lie all women tell easily. Actually, what we want to say is: “of course there’s something wrong. How haven’t you realized? You only care about yourself!” When she says this, you have 10 seconds to find out what happened and fix it or else you will be killed! We are too polite so we prefer to opt for “I’m fine.” All men should be advised that when a woman says nothing is wrong, do not believe her and think about what you may have done to upset her.

7. Don’t worry about me, I’m having fun: Another lie you should never believe. When a woman says, “Don’t worry, I’m having a great time,” remember that she never has fun without you. Sometimes we don’t want to seem needy and would like you to think that we get along perfectly fine without you.

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Photo: Simplypush Photography.

8. I don’t need it: If you are a man and you’re reading this, we would like to give you a tip. Women always want a gift, and who can blame them? Everyone loves a surprise. We will drop hints such as “oh, how I love that bag!” It’s much more direct than you think. Women will tell their men that they don’t need anything but when our men surprise us with the gifts we want, we feel like we’re on top of the world.

9. I just threw it on: Obviously, a lie. We put together our outfits the night before. It took us quite some time to dress up; we just don’t want you to know so you can think about what an effortlessly beautiful bride you have.

10. Yes and No: After these 9 points, we hope you understand that when you ask us if we’re angry and we say “yes”, most often we mean “no” and when we say “no”, we mean “yes.” It’s not so complicated! Surely men also tell lies stay out of trouble. Do you want to know the 10 Lies all men say?

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