10 Makeup commandments for your wedding day

Get the best tips for the make up on your special day, and feel special too!

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Make up looks like magic; but it is not. As with the best things in life, a good make up requires good preparation. Photos, videos, guests, and especially yourself, will perceive whether your skin was ready for the final day or not. There are scars, wounds, and even emotional conditions, which are recorded in the largest of out organs, that react to heat, cold, tenderness, pain, or roughness, can reveal very easily. It is none other than your own skin. Aakriti Kochar, a renowned Makeup Artist in New Delhi, gives us a few make up commandments for your Wedding day!

savePhoto: Aakriti Kochar Makeup.
Photo: Aakriti Kochar Makeup.

1. Define style


The type of dress that you wear, the kinds of accessories that you use, and the type of a person you are, helps you to decide the type of make up that you are going to apply on your Wedding day. The whole look should have a consistency. The Brides need to understand that the style of their dressing and makeup define what they are and what they want to express to the guests that are present there.

2. Choosing a professional

You must select the best professional for your Wedding day, as it is something that you can enjoy only once in your life time; so why not invest the best in it? There are many things that a Bride goes through on her Wedding day, may it be photographs getting clicked, a very long day, meeting people, happiness, and of course, tears. A professional make up artist must be attentive to all these things while putting the make up on, so that there are no re-touches required again and again.

3. Be advised

If you hire a specialist, you must never interfere in their business. Let them do their job, as they know it the best. There must be no conditions from your side. Style, type of the skin, time of the event, and many more factors involved, can have an impact on your appearance on your special day, and keep this in mind that your make up artist is totally aware about these things. You must rely more up on the person who is more experienced, than to just listen to some one who has not really participated in the same.

savePhoto: Aakriti Kochar Makeup.
Photo: Aakriti Kochar Makeup.

4. Treat skin conditions

If your skin needs to be treated by a dermatologist or a professional, then the earlier the better. If you want to look the best on your Wedding day, these are some things that you really need to keep a track about, otherwise this might make you look like some thing you would have never imagined. There are things that make up can not cover, or conditions that do not allow make up work as it should work. If you are aware that your skin needs professional intervention, do not delay in seeking it.

5. Keep a routine care of your skin

You definitely do not want a rough, dry, or ageing skin on your Wedding day. You must cleanse your face every time you come from an outing, make sure it is not exposed to the sun so much, and do not apply too much make up every time. You must also eat healthy, avoid alcohol and smoking, and exercise, so that your skin remains in the best condition on your Wedding day.

6. Moisturize skin

It is not only about using the moisturizers. They just treat the skin that is on the outside, which does not make much of a difference. To get the best skin, you must treat your skin from inside-out, and not outside-in. In order to attain a really good skin, you need to drink the essential amount of water that your body requires, and also if you want your skin to remain oxygenated and clean.

7. Sleep well

Sleeping well reflects on your skin the most, more than any thing else. Seven to eight hours a day should be the minimum you should sleep, to keep your skin well preserved. It has been proven that the normal regulation of the skin is disturbed by the lack of sleep.

savePhoto: Aakriti Kochar Makeup.
Photo: Aakriti Kochar Makeup.

8. No invasive treatments a month earlier

If you are a month away from your Wedding, then the experts recommend that only hydration treatments are fine for your skin, and no other invasive treatments, otherwise it might end up in a really big disaster.

9. No hair removal on your Wedding day

The hair-removal leaves out impacts on your skin like red marks, rashes, and what not, that can not be hidden by make up so well. Professionals suggest that you must go for the hair removal two to three days before your Wedding ceremonies start, so that it does not become a problem for your make up artist, and most importantly, your photographer.

10. Make up test

This is the only way to avoid unforeseen on the day of your Wedding. In this way, you can not just decide about what you want when it comes to the make up, but also know how you are going to look. This can pretty much give you satisfaction, instead of getting upset with your make up on your really special day. You can also see how the products that the professional is using, react to your skin.

savePhoto: Aakriti Kochar Makeup.
Photo: Aakriti Kochar Makeup.

These tips not only help you keep your skin alive on your Wedding day, but you can use this tips otherwise as well. Putting effort and being productive for something that is for your own good is way better than not doing anything at all. There are also a few things that you must keep in mind, while choosing your Bridal makeup. Every Bride wants to look perfect and have the perfect make up. Here is how you an get the perfect Bridal make up, so that you can look the best on your Wedding day!


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