10 Things that will Keep Happening when you Return from your Honeymoon

Nothing remains the same and when it comes to the phase after your honeymoon, things seriously take some turns.

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While your relationship as a newlywed couple is just on a flight even after honeymoon, there are certain things that you get used to with. There are various new phases in a relationship, pre-wedding, post-wedding, pre-honeymoon, post-honeymoon and so on. Just after your wedding, you would be very much excited for just one thing that is, your honeymoon which you have been dreaming of since the day you turned into a teenage girl or a 14 year immature boy. Now that you have finally got married and the big time has bombed on your doorsteps, all your anxiousness might fly away but to settle down with it, don’t forget to have A mini guide to the perfect Honeymoon: Tips for organising the trip of a Lifetime!. However, after your romantic time out with your dear partner, there are many things that change and keep on occurring with you when you come back home. Some of them, according to our honeymoon travel expert Indus Explorers are:

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People will keep on asking you about how was your honeymoon. They will become very keen to acknowledge about the love and romance between both of you and how your time was spent there. You will face questions like ‘how did it go’, ‘what did you do there’, ‘how is your chemistry with your partner’ and etc., from every person you are going to bump into. And nevertheless, it is going to be continued for a long time. Well, we wish you good luck with that!

No more fancy

Now that you both have spent a good time all together, there will be a good amount of ice broken between both of you. After getting back home, you will not be fancying anymore in front of your partner. There will be lesser make-up and more comfort between you and that will not at all bother you anyway. In fact, you will be surprised to see how easily you can deny for something which you don’t like to do.

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Before your honeymoon, you both are likely to be very much caring about each other’s liking and disliking and once you get there, you know what your partner agrees for and disagrees for. You will start facing such heated situations where you both stick to your own choices.

Not all sweet

When you will be asked to describe your relationship with your partner, you will not only mention all the cute and sweet stuff instead, you will be very truthful with your words and will tell all the bitter sweet experiences.

Much of sharing

You will start to share things that have been left untouched and unspoken till now. Now on, you will also be sharing your deep life secrets or past experiences that mean to you. Your partner will become more of your soul mate gradually.

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Photo: Lensight Photography

Little fights

A relationship is made up of love and war after all. At times our  lovely phase may turn into little fights over small and big things, but our love bond should be strong enough to handle such after shocks.We should always remember that a coin too has got 2 sides and so do our love life.So we should respect each other’s feelings and shouldn’t let ego enter into our sweet relationship.

Work life

Coming to the end of your marriage events, including honeymoon, you will now be most probably getting back to your work. This marks for the change of many things. Like, you will split your areas to do households and cook together, look after many things all together and sometimes may also lead to chaotic situations.

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Photo: Lensight Photography


Not everyone is perfect and since imperfections are difficult to hide, you will get to have many complaints from your partner about many things that he doesn’t like and vice versa.

No impressions

To impress your partner’s parents is important and as soon as you get back home from honeymoon, you know that the impression part is already over. You won’t need to impress your in-laws anymore. Rather, there will be more friendly conversations with them.

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Photo: Lensight Photography

Love in the air

After your honeymoon, not everything changes, some things also remain the same or rather, increases. Your love towards your partner will become stronger and stronger and your urge to be a cute, happy and fun couple will reoccur every now and then. You would want to spend more and more time with your partner which is, completely justified.

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Photo: Lensight Photography

Honeymoon is that part which brings a change in your life and which changes further many things in your life. Everybody has its own experience and the changes after it are inevitable. How about a chilling Experience a honeymoon in Croatia with medieval flavor and Mediterranean 

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