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  • 11 International Wedding Traditions That Will Leave you Speechless!

11 International Wedding Traditions That Will Leave you Speechless!

There are many extraordinary traditions that are followed around the globe. Wouldn't you want to know what they are?

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The world is very wide and varied. Countries, religions, beliefs philosophies and people that give life, have an extraordinary cultural richness that is so bloated and has shaped many traditions. Although some of them may be normal, others go beyond the limits of logic.  In big events like Weddings, rituals play a really important role. Let’s review some of them while we draw on the extraordinary diversity of the world, a true gift.

savePhoto: Marie Marí.
Photo: Marie Marí.

A carrier weight

In Sonkarjävi (Finland), dating from around the world are responsible for running with his girlfriend in tow on a tough race on all surfaces. Reaching the goal symbolizes the attainment of true love.

Crying of a woman

In Tujia (China), the woman should start by the bridegroom mourn a month before the wedding for an hour a day.  It is a tear festival, that is unfit for the insensitive. It is also a mandatory act with a clear objective: a happy marriage.

savePhoto: Digital Studio.
Photo: Digital Studio.

A clean spittle

Members of the Samburu tribe cross wooden sticks during the wedding ceremony, this symbolizes that a marriage will grow deep, have lasting roots, and maintain the strength and natural life force of trees. This tradition is practiced in Kenya.

I now pronounce you wife and tree

This is the tradition that is followed in the incredible India. Apparently, women who hold the astral sign ‘Manglik’ run the risk of killing her husband because of his haunted nature. But we must not be shocked! If you marry a tree first, you can marry again, but this time with a boy, and the danger will fade away.

savePhoto: Giovani Garcia.
Photo: Giovani Garcia.

Human container

In Scotland, men and women must go through a smelly ritual before saying the “Yes, I want”. The idea is to spread the garbage over the Bride with products like curdled milk, tar, fish, old food, mud, feathers, and many more. It is basically to make sure that nothing will stand in your way to happiness in marriage.

Perverse fairy tales

Irish people are the ones with strong connections with the past and with superstitions; many of them funny and others, frightening. So if you decide to marry in leprechaun territory and you are a woman , you can not lift your feet off the ground during your wedding dance. You guess what will happen if you do? A fairy would then take you to some strange place, far away from this world.

savePhoto: Sergei Zinchenko.
Photo: Sergei Zinchenko.

A leap into marriage

The South Americans are really curious and they maintain the traditions from their intense past.Thus, the newlyweds must jump over a broom to unleash their future as husband and wife, an activity that developed the African American population in times of slavery. Today, many couples of many race still practice.

Hulk and wife

The countryside is wonderful, and work on it is always special, especially if you do remember that the humblest times laid the foundations of this world. Thus, in Germany, the couple should cut a log in half with a saw after the wedding. Simple but effective. It is considered as a test of teamwork for marriage.

savePhoto: Maka Mikkelsen.
Photo: Maka Mikkelsen.

Bon appetit!

Luckily for many French boyfriends, there are traditions that undergo review and reach its version 2.0, somewhat lighter than the original. Before the Groom’s Pre-Wedding night, the  mission is to drink all the liquid leftover in a chamber pot, perhaps one of the most special drinks they had taken in his life. Today, the content has been replaced by chocolate champagne or two dishes that still should be taken from the same container.

To know and to win

South Korea is also true to its most extravagant traditions and, this time, is the boyfriend alone who suffers the wrath of the ancestors. In fact, at some point in the wedding, he should be beaten on the feet with any object while answering a series of complicated questions. A tough mental and physical test that will awaken laughter, while the Groom would want to get rid of it; this shows the strength in him!


In Romania, brides are often hijacked by others who are attending the wedding. The groom, who will dress as a charming prince for one night, will be informed with a note and will have to work hard to pay the ransom. This will include some shameful act for the above, like singing in front of all the guests. But the imagination of your closest friends can be very perverse.

savePhoto: Hochzeitslicht.
Photo: Hochzeitslicht.

 In spite of these traditions, there are many more ways to find out if your partner is your perfect soulmate. You can refer to How to Know you Have Found Your Soulmateto find out more.

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