11 Things you Need to do With Your Patner Before Your Wedding

Thinking about getting married is really overwhelming. It is surely a turning point in your life and most of the things are going to change after this, almost everything. But, wait! You are forgetting something much exciting and important than tying knots together. Its pre-wed things to-do list time! Mark those activities you’ve always wanted to do with your better half. Here we have expert advice from counsellor Neena Sharma, who wants to advice every couple, here we go with her advises: 

Photo: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

Fantasies about thousands of things and the time has finally come to make them come true, getting confused? Don’t be, because here are 11 things you can do with your partner before getting married:


Neena Sharma advises everyone that it is not harmful to be checked over by a doctor, regardless of whether you’re male or female. It is important in order to avoid a bad relationship with your partner int eh future.There is no need to hide anything from each other seeing as you’re going to be tying the knot, so increase the trust in your relationship and make your love life truly heavenly.

Party together

Get your weekends booked and go out for some party with your fiancé. This will make you both aware of each other’s way of celebrating, likes about certain things and have a great time together.

Bad side time

Everyone has a good and a bad side, you both too. Show your bad habits to your partner, tell about them and let your complete personality reflect. It will make you both comfortable with each other and will build a belief that you are ready to accept your partner and show your true self to him/her.

Photo: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

Meet their friends

Apart from just your partner, it’s important to know their social contacts too. Meet their friends and have a good time with them, you will hear a lot of goofy things about your partner and will also acknowledge their preferences about people and social life.

‘Have you ever’

It’s the most fun way to make your partner speak out their secrets and hidden stories. No marriage should begin with untold events about one’s life, right? Play this game together and get closer to each other.

Life goals

Share your ideas about your life and future plans. Talk about how you want to achieve your goals and how you can work on them after getting married.

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Vacation time

Go on a small get away, like a pre wedding honeymoon or something. This will let you explore more about your partner and of course, have a great time together. Get some rough ideas about it from 5 Things to Consider Before Planning Your Honeymoon

Views and opinions

Ask your partner about what are their views on ‘divorce’. It’s weird but important as it will open new doors to know about your partner’s perspective in hard times and weak relationship. It will help you to prevent marital discords further.

Food and shop

Do some food porn and eat new delicacies. Don’t leave anything from your kind of food to your partner’s as well. Go for shopping together; don’t miss any chance to make light moments alive.

Meet their parents

Meet your partner’s parents often; ask them out for a coffee or dinner. It will make family relations go smooth and your in-laws would get impressed by the way you both are trying to make things better and putting efforts to make your wedding and your marriage life a success.

Photo: Lensight Photography
Photo: Lensight Photography

Pre-wed shoot

Now, this is something which you are going to show to your kids after some years. Go to some romantic location and get the best photographer booked and get clicked. It will hype your love and romance with great memories to look back. Why not have a look at  Wedding photographers in India

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Get these things done and you will discover a new page of love in your life while you can also read How to Make an End to Your Bachelor’s Life.

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