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Because true friends are hard to find and impossible to loose.

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The second thing which comes after your family is your friends. And sometimes, the line between them both is just invisible. Your friends are your lifelines. There is very popular and indeed true proverb ‘the first step towards love is friendship’. When a person falls in love with his best rind, it’s the purest relationship ever because there is everything that he love about his partner. Let’s have a look at 15 signs which prove that you have a true friend and also 5 Ways to Make Him Feel Special:

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Your friends never lie to you, no matter what the situation is. They would be very honest to you even if you are looking horrible and you ask for their opinions on that. Friendship is all about being honest after all and that how you expect your friend to be. To give you honest answers even if it hurts you.


Sharing is caring and caring is friendship. You friend may deny to share his favorite chocolate with you but will never let you be alone when you feel like sharing your feelings with someone and do the same. There is nothing that you don’t share. You share your closet, your make up, your food, your happy times, your glooms and everything in life. Share some good food and have an amazing time with your friend at Diva RestaurantsPhoto: Diva Restu

Believe in you

When nobody has believed in you, your friend will be the one to stand with you and give you a back. Even when your parents say no to your ideas, your friend will support you and will tell you that you are the best.

Be weird

What is better than having a person with whom you can be the weirdest? Your true friend will laugh at your stupidity and join you later on. They are meant to be crazy with, after all. Capture your funny moments with your friend with Vivek Chawla Studio

savePhoto: Vivek Chawla Studio
Photo: Vivek Chawla Studio

Family love

You know you have a true friend when you mother loves him more than you. Your parents recognize your true friends even before you can do it. Also see Be Your Daughter’s Soulmate on Her Wedding

Be your support

Be it a break-up or times of crises, your true friend will never let you face it all alone. He will be there for you every time, just a call away.

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 Cry with you

Your true friend will never be strong enough to see you cry. Either he would make your mood up or would just cry along with you. He will lever let your do anything alone.

Knows everything

A true friendship is when both the friends know everything about each other. There Is nothing hidden from each other and you both know each other from the inside.

Feel special

Your friendship is a special relationship and you true friend will never let you forget that. He will put effort to make you feel special and wanted. He will prove to be different from everyone else around you. Make your friend feel special by gifting her a special set of jewellery from R R Gold Palace

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No judgments

You come across so many people in life who get judgmental about you. Your true friend is not at all like them. He will never judge you on anything and rather, you both will judge other people together.

Crazy memories

What is it if not being crazy with friends? At the end of the day you will realize that you have made endless and uncountable memories with your stupid friend and they all will be precious to you both in every ways. Go for some wedding shopping with your friend at Ranas and have a great time together.

savePhoto: Ranas
Photo: Ranas

Love your flaws

In this world of imperfections, your true friend will be the one to love you just the way you are. He will never tell you to change for anybody and will find beauty in you flaws. He might be the person who spoils you, anyways!

Happy for you

Your success is only wished by a few and tolerated by just a little number of people. Your friend will be the one after your parents to be happy for your success. They will always cheer you up and will be more glad to see your being successful than himself. Also read How to be a show stopper at your best friend’s wedding

Laugh at you

Good friends are the ones who stop you from doing silly things but the best friends are the ones who stop and wait till you do something foolish and then laugh their lungs out. Don’t’ loose such friends.

Be with you

And the best part of having a true friend is that they are ‘truly’ you friend. They will never leave you.

savePhoto: Vivek Chawla Studio
Photo: Vivek Chawla Studio

A true friend is the one who laughs at you when you fall, with whom you can talk about any random thing in life. You may not always talk to each other but when you do, nothing will stop you from having a best conversation. Also read How to be a show stopper at your best friend’s wedding

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