Top 5 Ideas To Decorate Your Wedding Cake

The decision prevails - Between the naked cake and the traditional wedding cake, your heart swings, be sure to select your favourite cake style and leave the rest to the baker!

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A pending item on your to-do list may be to ‘order the wedding cake’. The thought of it is just mouth watering; with the large variety of cakes you have the opportunity to taste during the cake tasting appointment is just mouthwatering. The many sweet flavours being swirled around, topped with fresh cream, is just so tempting enough! Here we bring to you the top 5 methods to decorate your wedding cake, so let’s get right in!

save Photo: Mafix Cakes 'n' Bakes
Photo: Mafix Cakes ‘n’ Bakes


From delicate sugar ruffles to decadent drizzles, these gorgeous cake style ideas will make a sweet statement and have everyone begging for another slice! The idea is to select a cake design complementary to your wedding theme and colour scheme. There are many different cake styles out there, ranging from naked wedding cakes to rosette wedding cakes. Be creative and open minded, this way anything can inspire you, from modern decor to a pattern engraved on a china plate set, you may recently have ordered. So, let’s get straight in, below we present to you, the top 5 gorgeous cake trends to help you find your perfect cake style!

The Naked Cake 

There is a growing trend recently for this simple yet sophisticated cake style. As the name suggests, the cake is actually left bare with inside filling pared-down to create an outer layer of buttercream. There are several ways to make naked cakes: simply by stacking cream and sponge cake, or by putting a light layer of cream around the cake, called “crumb coat” (to hide some imperfections precisely). The advantage of a naked cake is that it is easy to make and the rendering is always very pretty! Do not hesitate to make accumulations of fruits and flowers on top and all around.

savePhoto: Sucre
Photo: Sucre


Fresh flowers

If you adore the scent of fresh flowers, then why not try this decor type. According to Sucre  the real naked cake reveals defects, and  so for decoration, often uses real flowers in harmony with its bouquet or decoration. Flowers such as; Roses, peonies, dahlia and hydrangeas are commonly used to create the finishing touches. Rustic and rural are two themes particularly suitable for decorating a naked cake. A beautiful wooden topper on top for a bohemian theme will also be a perfect finish  for your cake.

Seasonal fruits

For the 2017 season, The Cake Lady offers a novelty – the use of seasonal fruits, carefully placed to create the cake of your dreams! The fruits are often placed in the cake base, topped with a layer of cream a little thicker. This ensure the fruits in the  cake will not be visible, yet the cream will be worked to allow structure to the outlining of the cake. To embellish you wedding cake, deploy your artistic – and culinary – talents with seasonal fruits!

savePhoto: Sucre
Photo: Sucre

Gourmet treats

Ideal for a rustic wedding, the naked cake will adapt easily to any type of wedding: Fresh flowers or seasonal fruits usually decorate good naked cakes, for Mafix Cakes , but they can also be decorated with macaroons or meringues to bring an aesthetic and crunchy touch to the cake! – Alternatively,  why not mix it all!. Everything is possible according to the wishes of the bride and groom!

Succulent and succulent plants

These plants, flanked by floral decorations a few years ago, come back strong in 2017 and will undoubtedly be part of the most beautiful wedding trends 2017. They are perfectly adapted to the decoration of the wedding, complementing the theme and acting as the focal point, adding a touch of inimitable fantasy!

savePhoto: Forennte
Photo: Forennte

Leaves, twigs and other elements borrowed from nature

Of course, the common decoration at a wedding is flowers, however, branches, twigs and other foliage can subtly decorate the different elements of your wedding too: ceremony, chairs, wedding tables and even the naked cake! If you would like to try something new,  this is the option to consider without hesitation!

savePhoto: The Cake Lady
Photo: The Cake Lady

The decision prevails – Between the naked cake and the traditional wedding cake,  your heart swings, be sure to select your favourite cake style and leave the rest to the baker!

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