5 Moments you have to experience during your mehendi ceremony

As you know, Indian weddings are a mixture of both big and small events which are all celebrated with the same level of enthusiasm. There are lavish arrangements, extravagant decorations and what not. Each of the events has its own significance. Some of them are bride centric, some groom centric while others are just for fun, you know! As your Mehendi ceremony approaches, you will get know that your dream of becoming a bride has finally come true and it’s not at all the way you always fantasized. Things go different in reality. Also, after getting your hands all beautifully designed in henna, you will get the actual feel of being a bride. Maybe, this is the reason why your Mehendi ceremony is such an awaited event and there are various moments, sweet and bitter that you experience during the ceremony as told by our expert Mehendi artist Naresh Mehandi Designer. Let’s have a look at them.

Photo: Our Wedding chapter
Photo: Our Wedding chapter

Extra sitting hours

Getting Mehendi done is just as difficult for the bride as it is for the Mehendi artist. Sitting ideal for long hours is not an easy task and you are not at all supposed to move even a bit. It may give you some pain in your hands and legs as they stiffen in one particular position. You have to look after everything like taking care of your hands even after they are done till the time the henna dries up. It might turn into a big mess if it gets smudged even by a single stroke.

Photo: Our Wedding chapter
Photo: Our Wedding chapter

Care givers

You will get to realize it soon that all of your near and distant relatives or should we say, your aunts are really caring and concerned for you. When they see you going through a really tough time sitting in one position, they will make it sure that you do not lack any kind of facilities in anything. Be it entertainment, food, small walks towards washroom or your phone calls and what could be better than thanking them back by the ideas from 5 Perfect take aways for your wedding guests. It’s actually sweet to see so many people running around you to help you out with anything you need. They will feed you, will sing and dance together, will gossip, be your support system and what not. Exciting, isn’t it?

Photo: Our Wedding chapter
Photo: Our Wedding chapter

Outfit competition

All of the guests will attend the event with the idea of getting Mehendi done for them with a pinch of competitive feeling of being the best looking lady there too. And so, there will be an amazing range of outfits you will get to see on everyone. Especially when it comes to the Mehendi ceremony, ladies get so much enthusiastic and they make it sure that their dress does not act as a barrier in their process in any ways. So, everything from designer to readymade will be seen by you.

Singing souls

As the Mehendi ceremony comprises of not only henna paste and powder, it also consists of some good singing and dancing as well. A small drum can just do the thing and some aunts with full of energy will add up to its beauty. You may get surprised to see how many of your relatives can sing to the new and old rhymes and can play the beats on the drums so perfectly that you would just want to spring up and join them in the motion.

Photo: Our Wedding chapter
Photo: Our Wedding chapter


You may not be gossip girl kind of a person but, all of your guests surrounding you would just love it. As you would sit there and get your Mehendi done, you will have no option but just laugh on the story that your relatives are going to recite and sound very keen and interested in them and join in the atmosphere of gossiping. It may get awkward or intolerable for you but girl; we can only feel sorry for you on that!

Photo: Our Wedding chapter
Photo: Our Wedding chapter

Now that you have read about all of these moments you are going to experience during your Mehendi ceremony, you must not forget to get all prepared for it by getting tips from 10 Things you Need to Keep an eye on in Your Mehendi Ceremony

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