5 psychological insights that will make you understand love more

Love is a chemistry. The reaction that occurs within us, like an explosion, is highly impressive in sensitive people. From Zankyou, we focus on this unstoppable chemistry, but also by the touch of fantasy fleeing psychological test. The union represents both the achievement of true love. However, it never hurts to know what scholars and researchers, all of the professionals, have determined in the connection of this complicated concept. Let’s have a look at it by the advices given by our expert

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The brain and maps

Like any country, region, community or district, the brain has a complicated map with intersections, roundabouts and corresponding two-way roads. In this case, love and desire are mapped to analyze portions and, from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada), psychology professor Jim Pfaus has concluded that, despite their differences in patterns both of them have related structures. In both cases, there is a target satisfaction, similar to an addiction pursued. If you do not, you experience a kind of withdrawal that makes you frustrated and cranky. A reward is required to satisfy this need!

However, the study determined that, despite being related, a part of love includes a component of sexual desire, the former is more abstract than the second and you can feel away from the person, from feelings such as motivation, the expectation and habit formation.

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Distance relationships.

Although it may seem surreal, but yes, distance relationships are feasible. Another study states that the distance not only not destroy, but stabilizes a relationship. In fact, living geographically separated serves to romanticize the relationship and the person awaits us away. It is true that all, when you look in perspective, it loses its negativity and encourages positive values. The past, despite some problems, always seem better than the present.

In addition, sharing things only in certain times (skype, phone, letter …), the information exchanged is more intimate and specific.

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A kiss is the beginning, during and the ending. Although there are more fun activities, kissing your partner is special and determined to get to something else. Recent research has determined how important kisses are considered for the feasibility of a couple and, therefore, the future in a relationship. It also discusses the relevance of this exercise throughout the relationship, not only at first time. This determines the good or bad health of a couple, according to studies related to long-lived and the number of couples kissing, if you kiss more, you will ensure a more successful future. Don’t you stop kissing!

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Negative behaviors

What destroys a relationship? Obviously, every person and every relationship are worlds orbiting at will, but there are some general behaviors that are not highly recommended. It has been determined that it is not constantly criticizing everything positive (small, medium or large) that makes the other. If you are together, what comes so much animosily? Nor is it beneficial use of sarcasm. For a joke it is fine, even to criticize this pedantic friend who just ruin your dinner. However, it is not always necessary to pour all your wry wit about your partner, who also has deigned to choose you as a life partner, nevertheless. Not getting defensive help and, even less, remove your conversation, lock yourself in yourself and, therefore, cut off the supply of communication that should flow between you.

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The goals of modern marriage

There was a time when marriages were mere formalities. Today, people have become more demanding and seek self-realization. They never seek satisfaction and complacency. Even without meaning to, they set goals for this love and have a married lifewhich is a trip for them. Therefore, according to Eli Finkel, author of the study, each member of this tandem must be delivered thoroughly, pedaling together and pursue that goal. In case you can not make the effort, it is best to change goals and establish new,more feasible.

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Now that you know a little more about love from a scientific point of view, depth and lime, you may also want to know Does Being Married Make You Happier? Extract away those little things that raise doubts in your relationship. If everything goes smoothly, we can only congratulate you.

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