5 things that happen during Joota Chupai

An extravagant Indian wedding consists of many unique traditions and fun extras that give them an international reputation for being the best party in the world. One of these quirky customs is none other than the joota chupai, in which the girls of the Bride’s side and the men of the groom’s side fight for the possession of the groom’s shoes.

The events unfold in chaos that is enjoyed by all, and these are the 5 things that will most certainly happen at your next joota chupai.

1. Taking off the shoes

Upon entering the mandap for his special wedding ceremony, the groom must take off his shoes to start the wild Joota Chupai. Once they are off his feet, it’s time for the eldest unmarried girls, such as bridesmaids or sisters of the bride, to run off with them. Careful not to trip over those lehengas!

2. Finding the perfect hiding place

It’s now time for the girls to have their fun. Their responsibility is to find a cheeky hiding place for the shoes so that the groom and his men cannot find them. This usually involves much laughter and sneaking around. You’ll feel like a spy keeping guard so that no-one finds them!

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3. The grand chase

As soon as the chase commences to hide and find the shoe, it’s easy to forget about the actual wedding! The whole wild goose chase is an incredibly fun way for two sides of a new family to bond and work together in this crazy tradition.

4. The ransom

It’s tradition that the groom must leave the mandap in the same shoes he came in with so after the emotional wedding ceremony, he must offer gifts or ransom to the girls in order to get his shoes back! There will be bargaining and negotiating, but it’s all part of the fun.

5. Showing off the prize

Expect boastful showing off by whoever ends up with the shoe. After such a funny chase it’s only natural! A simple shoe can turn into the biggest achievement of the night. So enjoy your big moment.

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Photo: Pixel Story
The joota chupai is a fun and quirky tradition of Indian weddings that is fun for all the family, so make sure you get involved and find the shoe first!

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