5 things you should keep in your mind while planning your wedding

Everyone want to make their wedding very special and unforgettable, so NEVER do these things while planning your wedding.

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We know you are excited and you are expecting the best day of your life ; however you must be careful and not to tell everything about your wedding dress, makeup, jewelry to all your friends and relatives. Limit yourself to your close people with your decision about planning of your wedding. Because it may happen other people do not give importance to your wedding.  Secondly, it will easier to surprise your guests if you have not shared your wedding planning to everyone. Note to these 5 things you should not count on planning your wedding.

1. Keep the planning just to you

The truth is that weddings should always be a surprise for your guests, so if you’re about to marry, please do not tell all the details! Obviously you must say where it is the ceremonies, description and some other things that allow your guests to enjoy your wedding and excite to join it.

saveMahima Bhatia
Photo: Mahima Bhatia

2. Be careful with social networks

Social networks should be used in a very cautious manner during the planning of the wedding, so avoid posting your planning part on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. If occasionally you upload something related to the wedding it is fine.

Andrey Popov

3. Never take photos of your trial makeup

There are many people who often go to saloon, and when it comes to their wedding they take many trials on their makeup and photos clicked by your friends and very soon it is uploaded on your social media by your friends. To ignore this do not take more friends with you, just take one of your best friend with you. So that your look can surprise everyone on your wedding day.

Nikhil Arora

4. Time duration

Yes, it is true your wedding news surprises everyone but to be remembering it should not to be disclosed by you and your family to your relatives early. It should be informed by you to your relatives only month or two month before wedding to make them excite and get them prepared.

5. The menu!

 No, you should not tell your guests what will be the wedding menu, only let your caterers know if anyone is allergic to any food and nothing else! Really menu should not to be disclose to your guest let them taste the food directly on your wedding day. Leave things to the imagination!

saveJammie's Kitchen
Photo: Jammie’s Kitchen
saveJammie's Kitchen
Photo: Jammie’s Kitchen

Everyone want to make their wedding very special and unforgettable. To make your wedding in the way you  want, so mark these 5 important points that you should NOT have while planning for your wedding to make it memorable for life time.

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