5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Partner

Falling in love is a good thing but only when it is unconditional and pure. Nowadays youth faces love at first sight and after a couple of days or a month they face  bad heartache’s. It is happening with every second person of society, at times instead of giving as an example few couples and their stories have been showcased as warning. It is also a reason which represents our people and country as the depressed one.

We’ve seen groom in a sophisticated mode, but a bride is always in a carefree mode. She knows how to live a life with happiness, and she always tries to make her environment happy and filled with positive energy. Follow this to be an Ideal Husband. Below are the tips, these things you shouldn’t say to your lady love

1. Not so Good Looking

A girl left her parents and their home, get married to you, do every possible thing to make you happy and inspite of appreciation she get nothing. A guy should never criticize her lady love regarding her looks. Don’t forget you have fallen in love with her imperfection. No being in this world is perfect and so you also. C’mon when you were her boyfriend every little insane thing, her carefree attitude and looks has drove you blow but now when you’re her life partner, you are criticizing her. This isn’t a sign of a gentleman. Be there for your lady love, love her, care for her, protect her, make your life as an example. Click here to Find the secret of a happy couple.

2. No single parties alone

We know due to hectic work you might not able to attend every party, but it doesn’t mean that you send your wife alone to that party. You’ve promised her to be with her, celebrate with her. So don’t make her feel insecure, a girl’s heart is a golden heart.

Now what you can do is try to attend every party, function with her, introduce her to your friends, respect her. Make her understand the value of her in your life, but it doesn’t mean that she can’t go for party with her friends. Cooperate with each other and complete each other. Don’t forget to take random snaps of your love Be ready for Tarun Jha Photography

3. Make love, but don’t force

We know in love life we share everything with our love, from feelings to our life. In it love is really important and so satisfaction too. A state of contentment comes when we fulfill all our wishes and desire. There should be excitement and curiousness, love and so on but in the middle of intimation don’t ever try to force her. Sex with mutual consent or with the permission of your love is perfectly okay, but forcing her isn’t good for you and for your married life too.

During the course of intimation don’t ever share your previous experiences, otherwise it will make your love life in trouble. What commitments you must take with your partner?

4. Don’t Disrespect her family and friends

In ego we might make mistakes which can lead our life towards hell. Don’t ever try to disrespect her parents, family or friends, she relate to them and so you too. Family is very important in everyone’s life and in your ego what are you doing, you are making her feel ashamed of choosing you as her life partner. Learn tips to be a good Son-in-law

A girl’s heart is very sensitive, don’t ever try to be a roller coaster to ruin her life.

5. Share everything with her

We know life is not a bed of roses, we fall in love and marry with the same person. It’s simple rule to win on every situation is suffer what there is to suffer and enjoy what there is to enjoy. You both complete each other, you both are perfect in your imperfection. So don’t be in a fuss, life is a challenge, so try to give your best to win over every situation. For this what is important understanding between the two f you, you both are responsible for your happiness. Try to give the best shot of yours in every life’s challenge so there would be a feeling of strong bond will appear. Make your life beautiful, go for vacation, go for date, nomatter you’re married now it really doesn’t matter.

Through these things you would be able to make your love life beautiful, the joy of married life can only be faced when your partner is with you. Make your wife or your lady love feel special about herself.

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