5 Tips for hiring your wedding band

When it comes to Indian Weddings, they are totally incomplete without the bandwalas in the baraat. The baraat is probably the most happening part of the Wedding, when it comes to the Grooms side. The guests from the Groom’s side always look forward to the baraat, because of all the dancing that happens. Who does not love to dance? So, if you get the best band in the city, then it would definitely be so much fun for your guests! If you are getting married in Delhi, you can look forward to the top bandwalas in the city. The people from Knotty Days, who are experts, say that there are many things that must be taken in to consideration before you hire a Wedding band.

Photo: Knotty Days.
Photo: Knotty Days.

 1. Experience

Experience is something that matters the most when it comes to anything and everything. You are not fit for most of the things if you do not have any experience. When it comes to the bands for the baraat, you definitely need to hire the one with a lot of experience, as you just can not upset your guests regarding something they are too excited about. Being an experienced band, they would know how to handle the crowd of the people well with their music, so that crowd does not get bored while dancing to their beats!

2. Choice of songs

The choice of songs really matter in a baraat. The songs just can NOT be random. They must be related to the Wedding or the Groom himself. Wedding songs are really lively and make any one groove to them. Even the person who does not know how to dance or does not know how to dance, starts grooving to them! This is one of the main things that one should keep in mind while hiring a band for the baraat, as this is what is going to keep the guests entertained.

Photo: Knotty Days.
Photo: Knotty Days.

 3. Involvement with public

If one wants to entertain the audience, then their involvement with them is really necessary! Indians are pretty hard to impress. So to keep them happy, you need to enjoy along with them! Wedding bands are something every Indian enjoys. In this case, you need to hire the BEST band, so as to keep the guests involved in the music, as they groove to their beats in your baraat,and that becomes memorable for them, as well as you. As you obviously know, baraat is something that you can enjoy only once in your lifetime, and to make it even more memorable, shouldn’t it be the best?

4. Book them in advance

As you want the best Wedding band, they would not be easily available whenever you want them. The best are always hard to find, and you need to work hard to get them, if you want your guests to enjoy to the fullest! To get the best, you need to be prepared well in advance. Booking the best Wedding band in the city where you are getting married is probably the best option of having the best on the day you would be eagerly waiting for, and making your guests the happiest, just in the starting of your Marriage day, so that they would enjoy the rest of the day as well.

5. Budget

Getting the best would obviously cost you a bomb, without any doubt. For this, you need to look at your pocket as well. Do not exceed your budget for a Wedding band, otherwise you might go out of budget for other things and arrangements for the main day, and no one would want that to happen of course. If you fall short on money for anything important, then  you would not be able to enjoy your own baraat for which you would go out of your way to make the guests happy! Better watch out for the best Wedding band that fits right in your budget, so that you have no stress later!

Photo: Knotty Days.
Photo: Knotty Days.

 The dhols, the shehnai, and every other instrument used in an Indian Wedding baraat never fail to impress people with their beats, and they groove as soon as they listen to them! Choosing the best band is very necessary for this. There are many ways in which you can make your Wedding guests happy. Happy Wedding!

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