5 Tips for planning a perfect Sangeet ceremony

Indian weddings are all about celebrating the great occassion in the most fun way possible and Sangeet is one of those ceremonies, topping the chart.

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Indian weddings are all about great food, a lot of glamour, unstoppable energy, dancing days and of course, marriage in the most pompous way. There are a lot of events under wedding in Indian culture and the one that excites even more than the main wedding ceremony is the Sangeet ceremony. It is all about some feet-shaking music, lit atmosphere and energy filled people who want nothing but dance to their most and celebrate this auspicious occasion of their loved one to getting married. It is really a fun ceremony and thus, the most awaited one. For such an event, it would be so unjustified if you will not make great plans to make it much better. To help you figure this out, here are some things you should look after when you are planning to have a perfect Sangeet ceremony. You would also like to read these 10 Essential tips to keep in mind while dressing up for your sangeet ceremony.

savePhoto: Bridal Makeup Artistry by Priyanka Baweja
Photo: Bridal Makeup Artistry by Priyanka Baweja

Good DJ

When it comes to music, leave it to the pros. Get the most happening DJ in the town to help you out with this. Ask your event manager to get this done as he must already be in touch with him. To get a DJ booked is one thing but to choose the best one out of so many of them is another thing. Choose the best DJ to have the best party. Flip through its work experiences and feedbacks of people who has worked with him, look after what kind of music taste does he have, ask him what all equipment he is going to carry along, get a detailed description about everything from the set-up to the timings. Having a good idea about your DJ will let your worry set aside as he will look after all the music. Try Lost Stories, he has got a great experience and of course, can make your event a blast.

savePhoto: Lost Stories
Photo: Lost Stories

 Stage decoration

Feels comes alive when the environment is uplifting. To have a good set-up designed is important. It will let all the performers feel worthy to perform and will generally add up to the show’s shine. Talk to the decorators about how you want your stages exactly to look like. Get proper lighting done and the stage is ready to be set on fire. Instyle Weddings will give your venue a make-over just ‘in style’!

savePhoto: Instyle Weddings
Photo: Instyle Weddings


Even though it’s a Sangeet ceremony and it’s all meant for guests to dance but fillers are important and you will always need someone to lead the event ahead and make the fun go cross the bars. Appoint an anchor, he will surely set up the mood and induce in the energy in everyone. He is going to make everything go smoothly without any mess as he will co-ordinate with everyone and also create connection with the guests present there. Some lighter moments will never cause your event to lack anywhere from being perfect. Get all set for your special day by getting your Bridal Makeup Artistry by Priyanka Baweja.

Photo: Bridal Makeup Artistry by Priyanka Baweja

Special performance

The most awaited part of the Sangeet ceremony is when the bride and the groom give their special performance. It is just filled with love and romance. What makes it special is the fact that both the partners dance together officially for the first time. Prepare the best dance duo with your partner, pick up the most romantic new and old songs and let your chemistry show up. This will give the perfect ending to your event or may also be performed in the mid-way to keep the excitement hold up in everyone. Learn some groovy steps from India Choreographers, get your partner along with you and prepare the show-stopping dance of the event.

savePhoto: India Choreographers
Photo: India Choreographers


It is important to thank everyone who showed up in your happy occasion, to be a part of it and make it even happier. Take-away’ are the best medium to say this to your guests. Get some customized gifts for your guests or get them from the market, they will make everyone feel happy and if everyone is happy, your job is done. Take-away will make your guests feel worthy of coming to your party and will look up to coming to other succeeding events as well. Get some fascinating Favors by Mishmash and delight your guests.

Photo: Favors by Mishmash

 And as they say, ‘all’s good if end’s good’. Your perfect ceremony will have an everlasting mark of memories in everyone’s hearts. Also readcHow to plan perfect fireworks and lightings for your wedding

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