5 Ways to Make Your Guests Happy at Your Wedding

Guests are the heart of your wedding. They should be taken care of at the utmost level and should be on your prior lists.

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Indian weddings are known to be fun filled, happy ceremony. Be it any event or occasion, the main essence of any event is it’s guests. You basically do everything for them, arrange for the best of food in your reach, make best in class arrangements for their stay, conduct various activities for them and take good care of them.

savePhoto: Wedding by Knotty Days
Photo: Wedding by Knotty Days

In India, a guest is considered equal to god and hence, is taken utmost care of by the hosts and it’s made sure that nothing lacks behind in their arrangements made for them. In wedding, many relatives and friends unite together; they meet after a long time, stay with each other and spend a handsome amount of time together while attending all the wedding ceremonies. To make your wedding much of a success event, there should be something planned for their enjoyment also. No one should be leaving with an empty jar of memories in their bags and a faded smile. It’s your responsibility to make your wedding the most happening wedding for them and for yourself too.

savePhoto: Wedding by Knotty Days
Photo: Wedding by Knotty Days

Here are a few things which can be done for the same:

Welcome bag

Who doesn’t love surprise? Nobody. Get a customized handbag goody sort of thing designed for your guests. Place them in their room where they are staying and as soon as they check in, they will be so much excited about receiving it. It can have a welcoming letter, chocolates or sweets, a planner of all the events in the upcoming days and a contact no. which they can reach out to whenever they need anything or find something to contribute in the wedding ceremonies. This bag can also have a small give-away token of memory. This can be bag, a small basket or anything you find good for that matter.

savePhoto: Wedding by Knotty Days
Photo: Wedding by Knotty Days

Making them a part

Guests are not there just to attend the ceremonies but to also give their own parts of contributions into it. Ask your guests to dance in the sangeet cremony, to have a photo shoot as you have arranged for the best photographer in the town, to be present in the events and enjoy to their highest of limits. Don’t let anyone of them left aloof, be it an elder or a youngest member.

savePhoto: Wedding by Knotty Days
Photo: Wedding by Knotty Days

Great food

A good food is something everyone would love to have. People may forget what they wore on some particular day but the taste of some real delicacy will never leave their taste buds and will make them happier than ever. Serving your guests with the best food possible will make you probably the best host ever and it will lend your many appreciations too. Have a look at  Wedding catering in India for best caterings.

Kind hosts

Your guests have come all the way from their home to attend your big day and make it more memorable one for you by adding their presence to it. Some of they might have come from the neighboring home while other may have travelled a large distance. Make it worth of travelling for them. Be a kind host, generous and happy. Meet them with your partner together personally and keep on asking them if they need anything. You will get many blessings. Nothing can go on a happy note if you yourself are not happy. Be gracious and welcome everyone with a big smile and seek of their presence in every event.

savePhoto: Wedding by Knotty Days
Photo: Wedding by Knotty Days

Unexpected party

As stated earlier, who doesn’t love surprises? Everyone does. To get all of your guests gel up with each other and to make next of their upcoming days more remarkable, organize a surprise night party for everyone. Nothing grand, just a light informal party where everyone can sit together, talk with each other over some sips of tea or whatever they like, a few set of games, some dance and a nice photo shoot Wedding photographers in India will give you great options for some amazing photographers.. This is just more than enough for them to have a kick off start to your wedding and they will come to know each other really well and will surely have more fun than ever.

savePhoto: Wedding by Knotty Days
Photo: Wedding by Knotty Days

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