6 ideas to look like a ravishing bride with trendy makeup

There is no reason not to play with unique bridal makeup styles. So try something different with these ideas for looking ravishing bride on your wedding and stun the rest.

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One of the most special days in any woman’s life has to be her wedding day. You probably already have a vague idea of what kind of makeup you want for your big day, whether it’s subtle definition, smoky eyes, a bold lip, etc. However, there’s endless variations of these signature categories. “Instead of relying solely on buzzwords, share photos of looks you love with your makeup artist to ensure that you’re both speaking the same beauty language” Nagu Tadala of Blush. When you’re the bride, you want your makeup to be bang on. After all, this is the time all eyes are going to be on you and naturally then, you need to look nothing but the best.

savePhoto: Blush.
Photo: Blush.

The Eyeliner

We all know that it would be a dream come true to actually be well-rested on your wedding day; instead, don’t stress about missing out on your late night dreaming and grab a white eyeliner pencil. Lining the inner ‘v’ of your eye—the corner by your nose—with white eyeliner gives you that refreshed, wide-eyed bridal makeup look that would make your guests wish they slept as well as you. You can get your wedding dress from Amaara to make sure the makeup doesn’t go in vain.

savePhoto: Blush.
Photo: Blush.
savePhoto: Amaara.
Photo: Amaara.

Skin Tone

A fundamental step in choosing any makeup style is to make sure the makeup color palette actually matches your skin tone. If you have a lighter skin tone, go with palettes that have more pale pinks, peaches, and nude shades. The darker your skin tone is, the more it can accommodate bright colors to make your wedding makeup pop and accentuate your features. You can get your wedding jewellery from Veeni Jewels as jewellery is the most important part of bridal look as it compliments the dress as well as the makeup.

savePhoto: Blush.
Photo: Blush.
savePhoto: Veeni Jewels.
Photo: Veeni Jewels.

Makeup style

Striving for that grand entrance on your big day calls for a dramatic wedding makeup look. Especially if your dress is edgy, yet not too extravagant, using darker colors to create a shadowy smoky eye or a bold lip would be the perfect accessory to finish off that alternative wedding makeup style. Everyone has seen the trendy smoky eye done with shades of black and grey, but how about we switch it up? If you want to create a bridal makeup look that is dramatic, but not so dark, use jewel tones like emerald or violet. You still get that stunning bridal style while also adding a pop of color to your wedding makeup. Shoes are an important element when it comes to bridal outfit and you can try Christian Louboutin for this.

savePhoto: Blush.
Photo: Blush.
savePhoto: Christian Louboutin.
Photo: Christian Louboutin.

Add Colors

Incorporating some fun colors into your wedding makeup is much easier than you may think. Yes you can use blue, purple, and even orange! Add ‘something blue’ to your wedding makeup by incorporating it into your eye makeup; blue eyeliner or subtle blue shadow really creates a striking bridal look. A purple lip, such as a plum or wine shade, goes perfectly with a fall wedding and adds the finishing touch to an effortlessly elegant bridal style. A pastel orange can be used on fair-skinned brides as a blush shade or a lip tint to complete a delicate wedding makeup style. How to avoid makeup mistakes: 7 makeup mistakes no bride should make!

savePhoto: Blush.
Photo: Blush.

Think Different

Trending now is playing with metallic in your wedding makeup look; nothing too extreme though because we don’t want you to look like you covered yourself in glitter. Adding just a hint of metallic makeup, such as metallic eyeliner, will give your bridal look a little extra shine. How a Bride can look confident on her Wedding day.

savePhoto: Blush.
Photo: Blush.

Be Comfortable

Last but not least, choose a wedding makeup look that makes you the most comfortable! This day is definitely not the day for you to feel self-conscious about your makeup decisions. Make sure to do makeup trials to ensure you and your wedding makeup stylists are on the same page when it comes to your vision for your wedding day look. Bridal Makeup 2017: Get the Perfect Look.

savePhoto: Blush.
Photo: Blush.

So you’ve chosen your groom and you’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams…now begins the endless search for that ideal bridal makeup look. 8 ideas for eye-catching nail art on your wedding day.

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