6 Reasons to Opt for an arranged marriage

Marriage is the symbol of love and commitment towards each other for a lifetime and it also ensure that both the partners are going to abide by them. According to Preeti Goyal it is a big decision whether to have a love marriage or an arranged one. As all of us know, it is very subjective topic and everyone has their own sets of opinions and personal beliefs about the way they are going to get married or what kind of marriage they prefer for themselves or their children. We all know that the perks of love marriage is something greater than an arranged marriage because at some points in our life, we all have fell in love once or twice.

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But what we don’t know is that there are some more perks to an arranged marriage as well which are just overlooked by most of the couple. Let’s have a look at what all things can make you go for an arranged marriage instead of a loved one.

Financial backup

All those couples, who find love marriage better for themselves or believe in the love they have found for themselves usually, overlook the factor of financial security after wedding. After you get married, you somewhere or other depend on your partner’s financial status or your partner’s family background. They might not match and this can cause conflicts. In arranged marriage, our parents look for a partner who belongs to a good family and have a strong financial background or nevertheless, is just compatible for us in that manner. This solves half of the marital discords which are seen in the couples nowadays.

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Mutual harmony

When we go for a love marriage, it involves our family looking for a good partner for us. This means, that they not only look for a partner but also a god family which is of their own preferences as well our choices. So, there is less of the discussion or any sort of argument over convincing your family for the partner that you have chosen for yourself. There is defined mutual harmony between both the families and you have the surety of getting a family that you have been dreaming of since your idea of getting married has strike your head.

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Equal relationship

Equality is the key to any relationship. When there is balanced proposition of equality there is fostered relationship which is being directed in a good direction. Arranged marriage ensures the equality that a person deserves after getting married.

More surprising

When you go for a love marriage, there is obvious fact that you both have already spent a lot of time together and have discussed about almost everything important and not so important in your respective lives. But when you get married to a partner whom you have not known for so long, there is series of surprises after marriage.5 psychological insights that will make you understand love more will tell you more about itYou both will share a relationship where there are many stories yet to be told, there is a thin line which has to be broken between you both, you both will want to spend more time alone and talk about all your life’s chapters. You both will want to discover more of each other, there would be hype for everything and you both would be very enthusiastic in regard to each other and would take much interest in each other. Your relationship will be very exciting and more loving.

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  Arranged marriages are more powerful on the stands of commitments towards each other. When two partners make commitments to each other, some of them fly away while only some remain but, as we all know, marriage brings along the insurance to the fulfillment of the commitments. When a partner make some commitment in an arranged marriage, it has a fear of losing his partner and his family as well much higher than the one In love marriage and this is the reason, they tend to complete what they have said to.

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Family care

Marriage does not only involve two partners getting together, it also involves two families which bond together into one. In arranged marriage, you chose your partner as well your partner’s family. And hence, you tend to take care of your in-law’s family as much you do for your partner. And thus, pamper a good relationship overall.

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There is a never ending discussion to the topic of which one of both the kinds is better. Everything has its own sweet and bitter experiences. Be it any marriage, love or arranged, the most important part is love. Marry the one you love and your marriage will be the most successful one the best phase of your life and don’t forget to read 6 Ways to make your wedding go wow!!

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