6 Types of long sleeves for your Wedding dress

Find out the amazing long sleeves for your Wedding dress, and impress the guests at your Wedding!

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When we choose our Wedding date, one of the things that we consider is the kind of the dress that we are going to wear. Comparing the summer Wedding to the winter ones, there are many changes that one needs to make, right from the venue, to the Wedding dress. As winter is arriving, this season is the one that needs to be focused on, the most. There are many beautiful dresses that have even more beautiful sleeves, so that the Bride does not fall sick on her very special day. Tarun Tahiliani, a very renowned designer, suggests the following types of sleeves that the Bride can choose from, on her Wedding day!

savePhoto: Tarun Tahiliani.
Photo: Tarun Tahiliani.

1. Lace sleeve

Lace is a popular trend in Bridal fashion looking at several seasons, and the best thing is that it allows many different combinations, that allows the Bride to be comfortable in whatever she wants, and she can choose whatever she likes. A lace sleeve, plus a little cover over the skin will give your Wedding dress a whole new look, that would look contemporary and also give it a romantic touch. There are also such ideas that you can look forward to, in which the lace is the protagonist, and can be combined with other fabrics such as silk and chiffon.

2. Huntress

Wrap dresses are not new, but certainly a hunter draws attention, and will definitely be the most talked about when the topic of your dress comes up among the guests. You can compliment your sleeveless Wedding dress with a nice jacket, that will go very well with it. This type of sleeve would add a great amount of grace to the Wedding dress that you are going to wear, and would keep you comfortable as well.

3. Chantilly sleeves with tattoo effect

Stimulate a sleeve on the air with an effect of a tattoo. There are designers who combine Chantilly not only on the sleeves, but on the back as well. This would make you an amazing and beautiful Bride. Furthermore, all the guest’s eyes will be on you and your dress would be the most talked-about topic even after your Wedding is over! The perfect thing to do would be to go to a warmer place for your Wedding, because wearing such clothing in the winters could make you go sick, and you would not be able to enjoy your own Wedding properly. You might also lose the glow on your face and would not look as fresh as you are required to look.

savePhoto: Tarun Tahiliani.
Photo: Tarun Tahiliani.

4. Tucks and ruffles

The tucks are a classic in Wedding dresses, but perhaps there are not much designs on the sleeves. Golden thread on such dresses is something that can be adored not just by you, but all the people who are present there. This never fails to give a royal look to your Wedding dress, no matter at what time of the year you wear it. Having tucks and ruffles on the sleeves of your Wedding dress would look just fantastic. Wearing a totally traditional outfit on a lovely Winter day, would not just keep you comfortable, but will keep you warm a well. These are in a way layer-over-layer, that eventually save the skin and the body from the cold that might make you fall sick on your special day.

5. Manga with feathers

A long sleeve to the wrist adorned with feathers is the perfect choice for an autumn-winter Wedding dress. As the cold season is coming up, these are the small things that you should keep in your mind, and should also be really careful and aware about. Besides giving you heat, pens favor and bring elegance to your Wedding dress. This look never fails to make a Bride look like an adorable princess, who gets adored not only by her own family, but also by her husband, her in-laws, the guests, and every other person present on the Wedding day.

6. Bell sleeve

If you like the bell style, why not take it to the sleeves of your Wedding dress and rule your Wedding. Whether with embroidery, lace or Chantilly, chiffon, silk, gold thread or in many other types of cleavage, bell sleeves allow many combinations that can go best with them! This can also give you a sort of retro look on your Wedding, if you are a great fan of the old times, or it also depends up on the theme of your Wedding. If your theme is Bollywood, then this type of sleeve can be the BEST option, without any doubt. Just in case you are confused about the types of themes for your Wedding day, you can very well find it here.

savePhoto: Tarun Tahiliani.
Photo: Tarun Tahiliani.

Selecting the best sleeve for your Wedding dress this winter season is very essential, as there are a variety of sleeves-type to choose from. It can be a bit confusing in the beginning, but you need to make sure that you select the best one, as that would describe you and your style on your Wedding day, which is very essential for it to be the best! There are a wide ranges of colors to choose from, for you Wedding dress, so that you can choose the sleeves accordingly as well.

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