6 Ways to make your wedding go wow!!

All of us tend to go for perfection in everything we do. Be it your birthday party, your bachelor’s party or your wedding day. Breaking this stereotype of having everything done with endure perfection; why not have everything done with much wonder and greater glory. That sounds marvelous as well as something to be bit more feasible and amusing. Just like we are made up of several different components combined together to give the form of a product, similarly, a party or an event is made up of various components which stick together to make it call a party. According to our expert Dream Event Planner to add grace to this party, we have to emphasize on these small tits and bits which works together and enhance them in some manner to add a pinch of magic leading to a much wow! wedding party. Let’s have a look at them.

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Front foot

You are the couple for whom all of this is planned and there is no harm in being at the front foot at everything you do. Jazz up your party by being the best host, take care of everyone. Don’t lag behind in anything. Be spontaneous, prepare a groovy dance sequence, be the most romantic couple on the sets, don’t let anybody feel isolated and look after everything. You are one who lead this event and if you are planning to show up dull, then there is no way others are going to be energetic and thus, enjoyment can be the one to compromise here.

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Party favors

Do not forget to gracefully thank everyone who has come to your wedding day by giving away the gifts in the form of takeaways or favors. 5 Ways to Make Your Guests Happy at Your Wedding will give your more ideas about how you can make your guests feel delighted. Let all the attendants feel happy to be a part of your auspicious occasion and grab this opportunity to let them feel worthy coming over.

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Interactive session

There are a lot of people who may not know everyone present for the same reason as theirs. To break the ice is important so that there is no formality left between anyone and they all have an equal chance to enjoy the whole thing. So, to achieve this, have a small party like a bonfire or a welcome dinner or anything like this be planned. Tell everyone to be present over there and play games in which everyone could participate. They should be more of interactive kinds and this way, all of your guests will become known to each other. Hence, half of your target of having a best wedding is achieved.

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Thoughtful seating arrangements

It’s really obvious that your seating arrangement is going to be highly precise with its planning but here, planning is in some different terms. Make the arrangements such that all the people belonging to the same group get to sit together and nobody is made to sit aloof of their choice of people.

Good music

Getting a good DJ is something important but that doesn’t come with a surety that you will get to have a good music. Make sure that the music which is being played is to make up everyone’s, mood. It’s not dull and low and is packed with energy. It should be relevant to the event happening and must be strong enough to let everyone shake their legs on it. To help yourself with it, read How to choose the perfect DJ for your wedding

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Zone everything

A great party is the one where everyone is lively. People should have a good amount of time as well as space to move around in the venue where they can get enough time to gossip, mingle with people, eat properly and dance as well. Create different zones for everything. Like, have a certain place assigned where only the dessert will be served and similarly for the rest of the categories of food available. Make it a point that the dancing space is not in the nearest range of any food station to avoid the chaos. Keep all the counters in distinct areas to let everyone have good time moving around the whole place.

Photo: Nishith Dayal Photography

Now you must be thinking that these things are something we all knew earlier only. But, to remember them is much important. These small things, if took care of can add a good impact on your planning all together. Don’t forget ot read How to celebrate a traditional Indian WeddingAlso, you should be quick enough to manage any inevitable problems that come during a wedding and to deal with them, here are few tips on How to ruin a wedding in just 1 minute, and then how to solve it! 

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