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7 Things Your Man Wants from You But Will Never Tell You

Making your man happy can be your best task to do espacially when you know what he exactly wants from you without him telling you this.

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There are certain things a relationship seeks for.  Some of them are asked by the men while some by the woman. The basic requirement of a relationship is love and care of course, respect. When these requirements are fulfilled, it can be called a good relationship on surface levels which can be nurtured by more devotion towards each other. There is completely different set of ideology when we talk in general about male and female, they do things differently, perceive them differently, and do not have the same approach towards each other.

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Photo: Simplypush Photography

While there are many things your man would want from you but will never tell you, you should know them before him attempting to clue you on that. Some of these are:


This is obvious. Everybody wants respect and we are pretty sure that you nowhere lack in this. But here, this word holds a different meaning. Your man wants respect from you when he is taking his own decision, when he is going with the odds and even when you think he is wrong, say it to him but with due respect. Men are always looking for a good respect from their partner and this totally builds up their confidence in themselves knowing that you respect him and put your trust in him.


There is always an air that women needs to be admired the most and they seek admiration from their partner while men, as they are MEN do not need any sort of admiration from their beloved one or anybody else. Well, ladies, this is a misconception. Your partner wants to as much admire as you want to be but he will never tell you this because then, it may make him feel cheesy and attention-seeking in your eyes which he doesn’t want, obviously.

savePhoto: Simplypush Photography
Photo: Simplypush Photography

Pleasant tone

Everyone has their preference while choosing their own partner. There is a debatable issue inside their head which is that, should his partner be sweet with words, soft tone and with pleasing tone? This issue comes to an end and the answer is yes, and he will not tell you this. You may speak up in a different tone or voice in certain situations where it’s required and he may also appreciate you for that. But, back in his mind, he would always want you to avoid that tone.


There is a stereotype that men do not need any encouragement or anybody to boost them up because they are already sufficient within themselves. This is connation. They do need a source of inspiration and encouragement for them in their life. They will net tell you this but girls, he need you, in every part of his life. Also have a look at How to Inspire Your man: Tips to Learn to know more about it.

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Photo: Simplypush Photography


Independence is words which hold different meaning for everybody and everybody want to have an independent life. Break the walls that a relationship remarks an end of independence for both the partners,  let your partner be free to do whatever he wants to do. Of course to keep a mild is necessary but your trust can do this part. He may not ask you for this because it will surely give you wrong impression about his ‘independence’ he is asking for.

Feel special

Who does not want to?  There is always a desire to be a special parson for someone you love and feel special about yourself. We see in the shows, watch movies where only man is supposed to make his wife or girlfriend feel special and do thousands of things to make her feel like one. This is wanted from his side too; he also wants to feel the same.

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Photo: Simplypush Photography

Pamper him

Pamper him like a baby, or a grown up man, or a teenage school going boy or whatever, just take care of him. Your partner will never say this but will always expect this from your part. And at the end of the day, it will make him feel much happier and special one in your life. 7 Things Girls Should Avoid in Relationship will give you more help with this.

savePhoto: Simplypush Photography
Photo: Simplypush Photography

This is not it, this was just a general overview about what your man might be asking for your to do but will never speak it up himself. Your partner is someone you know better than anybody else. So, you have a responsibility to know what he wants and look after the same. Also have a look at 10 Memorable Things to do With Your Partner Between Your Engagement and Wedding

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