7 Tips to make sure your partner keeps loving you

Your love is very precious and so must be your partner for you. So here are few tips to make sure that he is not going anywhere else.

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Your love life is your treasure and it’s you who has to take care of it. The kind of understanding, love, care and respect you and your partner share for each other are some of the factors which determine how your relationship is going to be like. There are many other things that you have to do to keep your relationship strong and happy. To keep your partner happy is the most important thing because you will be happy if you keep yourself surrounded with happiness and good vibes and of course keeps you up with a good and healthy relationship. Also read 7 Steps to achieve a caring relationship 

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To love someone is a good feeling but to be loved back is entirely a different feeling. To ensure that your partner loves you back as much as you do and that your relationship is not going into a wrong direction, you can do various things some of which are:

Be open

Be open to new things; discover new things with your partner. It will make it sure that your partner is not afraid to be with you and experiment new things with you. It will make your understanding level go up and your bond will get stronger day by day. It will also make your relationship very fun and exciting and will swipe off all the dull and boring routine of yours. This is important to keep up the spark and your partner will always love you for being a happy charm of him. Also read How to choose a western dress for your pre-wedding photo shoot.

Expect and accomplish

Everyone dreams of a partner who they would want to be with. There is certain image of a dream partner in everyone’s head. While you expect from your partner, make sure that you are also accomplishing his expectations. Things can go wrong if expectations are ruined. Don’t over expect and also don’t underestimate your partner. Love is when both the partners are willing to do things and not just one. If you are providing your partner with everything he expects from you, nobody can stop him from loving you till the end. Bloom your relationship by giving a beautiful bouquet from Ayoka Flowers

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Proper control

Each one of us seeks some level of freedom in a relationship. A certain amount of time and space is wanted by everyone and so will your partner do. Give your partner his own time and don’t try to invade into his personal space. However, to make sure that nothing is going wrong, keep a control of him. Let him know that your put all your trust in him and that you look up to his love and honesty towards you. Learn How to be your wife’s best friend.

Let him know

The key to love is that you both are transparent to each other. You do not have hidden feelings. Your partner will love you more and will appreciate your love for him only if he knows you do. Don’t lag behind in letting him know this. He should be aware of your feeling and he will definitely love you back and even will respect your more for being a person who he loves and is completely like he thought you of to be. You can also express your love by getting a lovely cake from Chetana Bakes

savePhoto: Chetana Bakes
Photo: Chetana Bakes


It is essential to set up priorities in everything. Every relationship requires time and this is where you make your love grow more and more. Prioritize your relationship and make sure that he is doing the same thing. You know that a person loves you when he puts his precious time into and never complain you of that. Go for a perfect photo shoot time with your partner with Our Wedding Chapter 

Know him well

Everyone has their own ways of expressing love; you must be having your own different way of expressing your love towards your partner. He must also be having his owns. Know his language of love and understand it. You may express your love by planning a romantic dinner and he may like to express his love by just having a walk around the garden with you. If you know this, you have his heart filled with love. See these 5 psychological insights that will make you understand love more.

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Appreciate him

To gain his love, love him back and in the way towards love, you should know about the big milestone called ‘respect’. Respect his ideas and do not criticize his short-comings. Appreciate what he does for you and for himself. And always expect the same from him. You can also spend good time together at an amazing place to give each other a royal retreat at The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur

savePhoto: The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur
Photo: The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

 And the best way to make sure that your partner loves you is to love him in the same way you expect from him. It’s a little world and things go round. Also read 10 Things men Should Avoid in Relationship

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